still alive…

I know, in terms of my blogging history, it’s not like I haven’t gone longer than this without posting. This is more about the sympathy. I haven’t been drowning in school work; I have been dying with a horrible flu since early Wednesday morning. I’m feeling a bit better, but food and I are still not on speaking terms.

The good news? I lost some weight this week. 😉 Oh, and my dreaded accounting class (I never wrote about this, but I really hated the class) is over. Guess how much fun it was to take a final on Wednesday after being up most of the night and still running a 101 F fever.

Okay, enough whining. I mean, I have gotten some really good sleep and I was actually able to watch The Office and 30 Rock, so it hasn’t been all bad.

1 thought on “still alive…

  1. i hope you’re feeling better! yuck! way to go making it through your final and doing everything you do!!! holy smokes!good job on the sleep front- that makes a HUGE difference!!!

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