warren buffett…the man

A candid shot…captured by one of my classmates.

Oh my gosh! I am going to do my best to describe what this experience was like, but there’s no way I will be able to do it justice. Somehow I got lucky enough to be able to go on this trip with about 20 other students from my school.

See that first row of seats in the picture? Yeah, that’s THE first row.

It was a Q&A with Warren Buffett at Berkshire-Hathaway. In searching the Internet (the source of all truth) I was unable to determine exactly who is the richest man on earth, but Buffett is definitely in the top three and I got to sit in a room with him for 2.5 hours listening to him answer a bunch of college kids’ questions, followed by lunch and individual pictures with all of us (six schools in total).

Warren and Julianne…I just wanted to show you his personality. So not full of himself.

So, I won’t bore you with all of the details, but let me just say, Warren Buffett is both brilliant and hilarious.

A few of my favorite tidbits:

In speaking about Wall Street, he joked about those who are currently there:

They couldn’t pull off the Manhattan Christmas Pageant this year because they couldn’t find any wise men.
He loves his Cherry Coke…he knows that Coke is better than Pepsi.

In speaking about failure:

Striking out occasionally is part of the game and it’s a lot more fun to play the game that wait on the side too scared to bat.

One of my favorites, in reference to how lucky he has been in his life:

I won what I call the Ovarian Lottery.

Seriously, he was one of the most humble people I’ve ever met, which is just incredible. Connie and I kept commenting on how he just reminded us of a grandfather. Sure, he’s loaded and brilliant, but other than that, he really is just a jolly old man.

Me and Connie in the big room at Berkshire where the Q&A was held.

However, he did have one moment where he, in a very understated way, showed that he knows just how good he is at what he does. Someone asked him about predicting the market and this is what he said:

I can’t and I like to think that because I can’t, no one else can.
All of my school peeps with Mr. Buffett

The number of stories he has locked away in his mind and the detail with which he can remember them is amazing. Amazing. I feel like I got a semester’s worth of education in 2.5 hours. And what’s fascinating is that I didn’t walk away from it thinking, “I want to be as rich as Warren Buffett.” I walked away from it thinking, “I want to be like him when I’m 78. I want to have stories to share and a life full of amazing experiences. I want to not have regrets.”

Really, I keep reading over my notes in awe, both of how brilliant he is and how lucky I was to be there and have had this experience.

Warren and me. Crazy!!!

Another couple of great quotes…needing no explanation.

Leverage is what gets smart people in trouble.
Work around people that bring out the best in you.
The price of the stock doesn’t tell me if I’m right or wrong. It’s the performance of the company.
There are a few more things I’d like to share, but they deserve their own posts, so I will share them later.

The restaurant where we had lunch. Warren takes everyone here.

My table at lunch. Omaha steaks!

And my favorite picture!

5 thoughts on “warren buffett…the man

  1. this is so amazing chloe. what a fantastic experience!!! i would DIE to listen to warren buffet. die!

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