the note that has taken over facebook (aka 25 random things)

So, I posted this to Facebook a while back, however, I thought it would be fun to have on my blog, so here you go:

1. I secretly (or not so secretly anymore) think that people who don’t know how to drive stick-shifts are not living up to their full potential.

2. I often pretend that I don’t remember minute details about people’s lives because I don’t want to appear stalker-esque. The truth: if you’ve ever told me about your mom’s college boyfriend’s cousin’s 16th birthday party, I remember…the date, the location, the party-goers, all of it. It’s strange. But true. And no, I am not stalking you, so don’t flatter yourself. And why is it that I can remember things like that, but not useful things, like when I need to pay my phone bill.

3. I will happily travel anywhere. ANYWHERE. And do it by any means. Train, plane, automobile, boat…doesn’t matter to me. I’m in…provided I don’t have classes (that I care about) and have whatever means I need (in terms of finances) to do the traveling.

4. I once jumped on a train in Portugal without paying for a ticket and spent over 30 minutes trying to avoid the ticket-checker-dude before finally just fessing up and paying an exorbitant amount of money for a “purchased-on-the-train” ticket…of which I was told there were none, otherwise I would have just purchased it before getting on the train. I got tired. It was a night train. I wanted to sleep.

5. I sometimes start rambling in French to non-French speakers because sometimes I’m thinking in French because sometimes French is just better. But I don’t like when people ask me to “just say something in French.” I mean, really. Something. What? What something?

6. I flew to Spokane on a whim just to make-out with a Canadian for…well, anyway. I flew to Spokane. It was stupid. And fantastic. Like the majority of adventurous decisions I’ve made in my life.

7. I moved to Europe when I was 14 because I was sick of my life. What 14-year-old even knows enough to know that she’s sick of her life?

8. I still wear my retainers at night. Yes. Still. I got my braces off when I was 14. I have jacked up teeth that cost a small fortune to fix.

9. I rationalize my impulsive, irrational behaviors by referring to them as “diseases”, like they aren’t my fault or something. Unfortunately, this is a disease I share with my sister, which does me no good when I need rational advice. (There are several posts about this…just search “disease”…if you are totally bored and have a few hours to spare.)

10. I justify expensive clothing/accessory purchases by breaking things down in terms of “cost per wear/use”. Like last year I purchased Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses that were ridiculously expensive by figuring out how much the sunglasses would cost me per day, based on a three year useful life. This is about how long I will wear a pair before I “need” to buy another. And yes, I have yet to lose an expensive pair of sunglasses.

11. I often think people “need” my help. I hate that I do this. I mean, seriously, who died and made me God? No one, that’s who. And yet…and yet…

12. I was a cheerleader in high school. For some reason this shocks people…I choose to believe it’s because I appear much smarter than the average cheerleader.

13. I shoplifted when I was 13 (and subsequently sent everything back to the store, along with money for the things my friend had stolen). I have an extremely guilty conscious, a firm belief in Karma, along with some good old fashioned morals.

14. I absolutely love driving. It’s kind of like a video game to me…weaving through cars to see how fast I can get somewhere and what a better driver I am than 99% of the people out there. My eyes are constantly scanning for gaps I can shoot…and cops. This is a big part of the reason my current vehicle only has 4-cylinders, as opposed to being a V6. It’s another disease. (And really, I was probably overstating when I said I know I’m not better than 99% of the drivers out there…but only a little.)

15. I had to have a tracheotomy when I was a baby because I swallowed a piece of plastic that got caught in my throat. Sometimes when people ask me about the scar (it’s still very visible because I scar horribly) I like to make up scary stories about what happened to me. I rarely fool people though, because a) I’m a horrible liar and b) it’s a pretty perfect incision scar.

16. I’m a red/ blue, ENTJ Scorpio born the year of the Snake. What does this all mean? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine.

17. I hate cats. I will put up with them (and even pet them if I feel like I must to be polite) and I only dream about kicking them across the room (I’d never actually do it), but I HATE them. I think they are disgusting.

18. I talk too much.

19. I ran with the bulls in Pamplona.

20. I sing well, but I audition horribly. In high school my choir director told me I was lucky he knew how well I could really sing because based on the audition, I never would have made it. College was almost identical. I hate this about myself.

21. I am a total bibliophile, partly because library books scare me. Who knows where they’ve been or what people have done while reading them? They gross me out. That’s why I have stacks and stack and boxes and boxes of books. I have purchased almost every book I’ve ever read. Occasionally someone will lend me a book, which is okay as long as it hasn’t been lent to too many people. Apparently, I still believe in cooties?

22. I love SCUBA diving, but swimming in the ocean (on the surface…without a mask) scares the crap out of me. I still do it. Fear rarely keeps me from doing anything.

23. I believe in low-maintenance friendships–the kind that can be maintained through a phone call a year sometimes–and am perfectly comfortable “quitting” a friendship if it becomes too high-maintenance. Some people think that makes me selfish. I think it makes me sane.

24. I used to tattoo people’s faces for a living for a living. I didn’t do it to myself, but I did have it done. It all needs to be touched up.

25. I still cry myself to sleep no less than monthly because I miss my mom. She died when I was 18.

4 thoughts on “the note that has taken over facebook (aka 25 random things)

  1. I once bought a very expensive pair of sunglasses in Paris. I only had them for about 5 months before I accidentally left them on top of my car and lost them forever. Man those were cool sunglasses. I’m back to el cheapo ones now.#12. me too.#25. so very sad.

  2. Amen on the low-maintenance friendships sister! High-maintenance’s are tiring. You’re the best low-maintenance friend ever!!! Can’t wait to hang in Chicago this weekend! 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure I’m the last person on the planet who hasn’t done this yet!I couldn’t agree more about the cats. I loathe and despise them (and only slightly more than dogs, sorry I hate them too!)And I was just trying to convince myself to stop buying books and getting a library card and now that I’ve read #21 I’m back at square one. Thanks.

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