13 years ago today…

my mom died (wasn’t she so a babe?). I realize that’s kind of a depressing way to start a blog post, and truthfully, it is depressing, but this post is not.

Today was different than the last twelve 25ths of January have been because I did something fantastic. I threw a huge dinner party (with the help of two lovely friends). I had dinner for a little over 25 people. It was probably the biggest dinner party I’ve thrown that wasn’t a potluck. Julie and I made four big pasta dishes, Rebecca helped with appetizers (yes…appetizers), and a few others brought salads, bread, drinks, and desserts. I joined my two worlds (school and church) and was able to introduce the masses. It was a smashing success! Absolutely brilliant!

And do you know what? My mom would have loved to have been there. I was raised by a mother who was raised to entertain…and she taught us how to do it. In fact, I called my grandma yesterday for a recipe and I could hear the pride in her voice. I still took a moment to be a little depressed about not having a mom (at least that’s here with me physically…I know I still have a mom and I’m positive that sometimes she’s hanging out with me)…but then it was time to be the hostess…so the depression wasn’t allowed to stick around for very long. It was a fabulous way to spend the anniversary of my mom’s death.

And in case you want the recipe to the delicious lasagna I made (sure to please almost anyone), you can find it here. Yes, I should have taken a picture, but it completely slipped my mind.

I’ll post the appetizer recipes, too…but now I have to finish writing a paper. All play and no work makes Chloe the girl who her team hates and who gets bad grades.

5 thoughts on “13 years ago today…

  1. Your mom is a total babe! I can’t believe it’s been 13 years already. I can still hear her voice on our answering machine telling us that Alicia was headed to D.C. on her mission. I miss her.

  2. That picture made me cry. I remember hanging out at your house. Your home was always open. Your mom was my mom! She IS so proud of you and who you are!My mom always remembers the day her mother passed. It gives her a chance to remember and reflect on her mom. I’ll show mom your post – mom will be proud of you, too!love you

  3. Hosting a dinner party is such a great idea to get through such a hard day. Your mom was beautiful, I can totally see the resemblance!

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