This is a photo journal of Berlin. Again…there are a few stories, but mainly it’s a lot of pictures, that may bore you. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This was the view from the plane (obviously) flying to Berlin. It was absolutely amazing. Having spent a little over a year in Switzerland, flying over the Alps was such a happy thing.

As we are about to land in Berlin…absolutely beautiful.

I had to throw this in…this was the fabulous (free) laundry room in our hotel. If you ever go to Berlin and want a nice, yet affordable, place to stay, the Suitehotel Berlin is where it’s at. Yes…free laundry. Unfortunately I forgot how driers work in Europe (no exhaust, so there’s a collection bottle that has to be emptied) so it took five years to get things dry…until I remembered that part.

Checkpoint Charlie. I basically knew nothing about the history of Berlin or what happened there, so this was an amazing experience for me.

The wall…or where it once was. It really was incredible.

Brandenburg Gate. For years this stood on its own, blocked from east and west.

Tanya was loving her apple strudel.

We took a walking tour of Berlin (most of the pictures above are from the tour and eventually, I may actually put captions on all of them, just not today). It was friggin’ freezing…but totally worth it. You can see our tour guide, Nigel, in the picture below. He used to be a spy for Britain. It was incredible. If ever in Berlin, you should totally do this walking tour.
This is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews. It’s kind of amazing. You can read about it here. Interesting little tidbit: the chemical that was used to coat the cement was made by the same company that made that gas that killed so many during the Holocaust. Kind of sick.

The Hotel Adalon. Three windows up, four to the left from the corner. This is where MJ hung his baby out the window.

This was the traditional German restaurant we finally found (Berliners really like Italian food…who knew?). It was recommended to us by this nice store clerk where I had been looking at (and eventually purchased) the most beautiful purse I have ever owned. Anyway, I really wanted to have traditional German food and this was it. I actually really liked it. But I pretty much like any food…I’m not gonna lie. I wish I knew the name of it, but it’s just off of Freidrichstrasse, to the west, and south of the big mall there…in case you ever go. It’s on a random side street, but you can see the big German dude out in front. Awesome.

The following are amazing pictures from this amazing chocolatier in Berlin, Fassbender & Rausch.

Somehow, I had never realized that pretzels were German. I don’t know why, but it’s true.

All was well in Germany until I left my passport in the taxi and was worried I was not going to be getting on the plane to Paris with Erika and Tanya, but they let me through with just a photocopy! Hallelujah!

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