i’m back…

As I was flying home from Europe by myself I had lots of time to reflect on my life (I actually love flying for this reason…no cell phone or email or internet to distract) and one of the things I was thinking about is how my blogging since I started school has been different. I haven’t been enjoying it at all. I figured out that switching over to the other blog made me feel like there were parameters within which I could write and it makes me feel very limited.

So, I’m back to this one. The other one will still be there…but I think I am really going to limit that one to business school type things. Sorry to those of you who have switched back and forth with me, but I’m back to this one. I like how I write on this blog. I like that I don’t filter. I like that there aren’t parameters. I’m not really a “parameters” person. (I can be if I need to be, but I don’t like to be.)

I will be doing a little makeover on this blog, but this is where I started and this is where I want to continue.

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