oh how i love my friends

This is from my freshmen year roommate (and one of my very best friends in the whole world). I’ll try and find the pictures that go along with this…and the songs.

“I was looking for a Hallmark ecard to send you good luck and best wishes as you start this semester, but apparently I need to update my flash player or some other such blah blah blah. So pretend this email has a jaunty little message with some humor and then a tear-jerk ending–because that’s the kind of quality ecard I go for. I love you and know you will be great. Don’t let it kick your trash–you are stronger than anything that school can throw at you.

I love you. Good luck. Have fun. Go bowling. Perhaps listen to the Dangerous Minds soundtrack. Dance in duck boxers. Make new friends (but keep the old.) Learn millions of new things and don’t ever let any make you feel like you aren’t going to be the best. We are thinking of you and sending you all our love.

Jennifer (and Sungti)”

2 thoughts on “oh how i love my friends

  1. Of all the times I’ve thought of you in the past three years, I can’t believe it only took me two clicks of the mouse to find you! How are you!?!? I miss our days at PB!

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