new friends

This post is more of a journal entry than anything, but since this is my journal…well, you understand.

So, thanks to Danielle, I had the opportunity during my time here in NorCal to reconnect with a distant cousin (distant in relation…we grew up in the same town and our moms were great friends).

I actually ran into Jake about a year and a half ago on campus, and he was very nice and polite and told me to let him know if I wanted him to write me a recommendation when I applied the school in P-town. And that was the end of it. I knew that he was married, but I hadn’t met his wife. I knew that he had kids, but nothing more.

Well, when Danielle was in the area for work last week, we headed to Jake’s house for dinner. I had no idea what I was in for as Jake and I weren’t really friends (he’s my younger brother’s age…and that matters in high school, apparently), but I assure you that, whatever my expectations, my experience exceeded them.

Jake and Lora are absolutely fabulous and their children are darling. I managed to make it over there two more times in the last week and a half and enjoyed every minute. They fed me fabulous food (Jake’s a great cook) and great conversation.

It was one of those instant-click situations with Lora. I knew I’d like her because Danielle had great things to say, but you know when you just feel like someone is going to be a big part of your life (even if you only see them once a year). That’s how I feel about these two. Maybe it’s that we are related, but I think it’s more about finding those kindred spirits with whom I can just be myself. I love how people come into our lives at just the right time. It kind of makes it hard to not believe in God.

2 thoughts on “new friends

  1. I made your blog! I’m so honored. I will no longer have to kill myself in agony over you dwelling on the fabulousness that is Walnut Creek. I love the Olesens. I’m jealous you get to see Jake this weekend. JEALOUS.

  2. Ah the instant-click. Those are the best kind of new friendships because you skip all that awkward crap. Yea!

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