the addiction continues

I just finished Season 3. It’s 2:36 am.

The debate now? Do I watch the episodes of Season 4 that my sister-in-law recorded (even though some are missing) or do I wait for the DVDs, knowing that now that my brother-in-law is hooked he will record all of Season 5 and I will be caught up by Christmas.

7 thoughts on “the addiction continues

  1. Definitely watch Season 4 so you can be all caught up when the new season starts. I think you are really going to like season 4-it is amazing! Have fun!

  2. You’ll have to watch the missing ones online or you’ll be totally lost. And I think Season 5 isn’t starting until February…

  3. and is season 5 starting in the fall? if they do it like they did this year, season five won’t start until next january. ugh…

  4. You can watch any and all episodes online for free. But I would say don’t skip any. They are all too good to miss, and you really do get big wholes in the story by not seeing one episode. How are things. S flies out to B town tomorrow for his interview!

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