a new toy

I got back to Arizona yesterday and so it’s back to the life of a busy nanny; one who is also taking two online classes and working for an online social network. My sister and brother-in-law are very appreciative and I really am happy to help them out, but apparently they thought a little advanced “thank you” gift might help my enthusiasm when it comes to getting up at the crack dawn with their little munchkin. They knew that I was hoping to get an iPhone at the end of the summer, so they decided to beat me to it.

Yes, they bought me an iPhone! I was in shock. I still am. And truthfully, I probably wouldn’t have purchased one. I probably would’ve settled for a Blackberry. I know, I know, a Blackberry isn’t exactly ‘settling’, but I really, really wanted an iPhone…and now I have one and I’m posting this from it, which is in fact making the fact that I’m awake at 7:30 am on a Saturday much easier. My family is seriously rad (and not just because they buy me cool things).

And as soon as I get a chance to get on my computer where I have pictures, I’ll post all about my week in Vegas…where I was also quite spoiled.

6 thoughts on “a new toy

  1. Nice. still waiting for you to call so we can get together… maybe this week? I am registering for the 5K freedom run right now, I hope that is the right race…How much are the reunion t’shirts and when do we pay you??

  2. nooo! Take it back and hold out for a couple months. For serioushttp://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2008/04/what-should-we.html

  3. So, cool Chloe! Now you can text me in style. And you can be available via email all the time so I can send you random emails about crazy things people say and do in the streets of NYC. Candice

  4. OOOOOOooooOOoooOOOOOOh.. an iPhone. You sound like such a good aunt, so I’m going to be tacky and say that it is, no doubt, well deserved. (I love my blackberry I really do, it just doesn’t have that cool factor.)

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