southern cookin’

This is totally delayed, but better late than never, as the cliche goes.
This fabulous cafe was featured on the Food Network in a Bobby Flay Throwdown (Bobby lost). He takes on “the biscuit lady”, who we actually saw in the cafe. Seriously, I never thought I’d like okra, but it’s amazing what a little batter and some deep frying will do. The biscuits were absolutely amazing. Seriously. If I could marry a biscuit…

Thankfully, Megan was willing to share with me, so I was able to try lots of different delicious goodness. It’s probably a good thing I’m not moving to Nashville. I mean, you haven’t tasted barbecue until you’ve tasted southern barbecue. Absolutely sinful.

12 thoughts on “southern cookin’

  1. I really hate this post- I want to eat it. I hope you post a lot so it can make its way towards the bottom and then eventually off your page…and I know I already commented here, I just can’t help it.

  2. Those biscuits look a-m-a-z-i-n-gBut bacon flavored toothpicks ?!? Only dogs like bacon more than I, but I’d have to draw the line at bacon flavored ‘picks. Looks (and tasted I’m sure) like a grand adventure.

  3. I know this will sound totally like a commercial, but the best biscuits I have ever eaten are Schwan’s ( They look a little like your beautiful picture, and I could eat the whole bag of biscuits in one sitting (with butter and honey and jam, of course). And they deliver right to your house. Let the weight gain begin!

  4. Oh and you should totally chop that hair off. It’s such a decision whether to go short on not. I’m so glad I did, but in the past when I have I haven’t loved it. But if I at least cut off enough so the ends feel crisp then I’m happy.

  5. Everyone’s blog are making me hungry :). I’m glad you had fun at the wedding despite this despicable spring weather we’re having, but I would have loved to be standing next to you cheering on the marathoners on Saturday.

  6. yes, chloe. i can relate … too much, in fact. i’ve discovered that their bbq here is vinegar based and it is to die for. and the hush puppies. mmmm. but like you said, something you don’t touch like, ever – well maybe once in awhile.

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