dear you…inspired by a wedding

Dear Brechard (yes, we’ve decided that’s how you will be referred to from now on…like Brangelina, only more fun to say),

Congratulations! It was so fun to see you both looking so happy and smitten today. And I’m glad to know at least I’ll have two friends left in Happy Valley next year. Oh, and when you read the “wedding fortunes” (i.e. advice), all the spiritual stuff ISN’T mine. My advice would be the stuff you’d be embarrassed to read in front of other people. Just trying to keep it real, you know. Oh, and the stuff that kind of makes fun of Richard is probably (definitely) mine, too. And the stuff that’s honest about marriage (you know, not idealized), that would be Jen’s.

You both looked absolutely amazing. Oh, and the reception was beautiful, too.

Sending my good thoughts your way,


Dear Jen and Somebody,

It was so great to have you here. I really wish you would move back to P-town. I love that when you visit, it is like no time has passed at all. We fall right back into rhythm with conversations that move a mile a minute and laughter that doesn’t stop. I’m so glad that you guys could come visit. I promise I’ll make it out to Kansas one of these days.And thanks for an excuse to have raclette, again. I’m so glad you liked it!


The girl who’s so glad she sat next to Jen in American Heritage almost 13 years ago

Dear people who showed up late to the ceremony,

Seriously? What part of “please arrive 30 minutes early” did you not understand? When you arrive in the room after the bride and groom, that’s a bad sign. And when you’re family, it’s even worse. If you didn’t know how I felt about punctuality, you should. I think being late is incredibly selfish and disrespectful. But at a wedding, it’s just unacceptable.


The girl who is late on occasion, but only when it’s fashionable (i.e. never to a wedding), or when she’s called (I’m not perfect…or so I’m told)

Dear “Cuddlebugs”,

Gross. I mean, we were at someone else’s wedding, not yours. And they weren’t being gross like you. Was it absolutely necessary for you to drape your arms all over each other? To press your faces into one another’s ears anytime you wanted to whisper anything? To suck face during the ceremony? To sit on laps? To kiss in someone else’s wedding photos?

You are disgusting and I am sad and embarrassed for you and your children. May I never see you again. Or any of your kind.

Sincerely (yes, I sincerely mean that you are gross),

The girl who was trying to stab you with her eyes

Dear Utah weather,

WTH? I’m sick of you. Sick. Of. You. Today started out all nice, and then the wind began. I left AZ. I should not have to put up with dust storms here. And it made for rough photo conditions. Thankfully, Sarah, Jen, Somebody, and I still managed a great photo shoot. Oh, and the wedding shots went okay as well. But…you could have helped out a little. Seriously.

With fire in my eyes for you,


Dear friends who ran yesterday morning while I was at Brechard’s wedding,

I’m sad I couldn’t join you running the Salt Lake Marathon and/or Half, but I was thinking about you; partly because I couldn’t get to the wedding as easily because my exit was close, but mainly because I’m so proud of all of you, but especially Hannah, who was running her first half (welcome to the club). Way to go! And, truth be told, with my cold and lack of training, I might have died. Literally. So it was probably better that I was at a wedding.

With much admiration and love,


14 thoughts on “dear you…inspired by a wedding

  1. Okay, you look totally cute!! Yeah, yeah wedding couple whatever, you were looking fabulous!! Just had to tell you. I hope the boys were noticing you and getting up the courage to ask your number!

  2. Ummm Chloe, are you even sure you should be doing an MBA? It looks like you need to go into broadcasting and start a cooking show or start a bakery or a restaurant or sell online baked goods or be a lot more fabulous than some consulting firm will make you. I’m just saying – you may not want to work for someone else when you are as talented as you appear. Do what you love and the $$ will follow. Ok so get the MBA but let it be a springboard for what YOU REALLY like to do. I would like it if you would do a weekly cooking podcast. I have considered doing this myself but I can’t cook!Oh and rude people stink.

  3. I was wondering where you were on Saturday! I guess a friend’s wedding takes priority, right? Your new profile photo looks great, and I love your cute dress and shoes in the wedding pix too. I wish spring would come so we could enjoy cute sandals! Argh. I am totally with you hating the Utah weather. Olivia even said to me the other day, “Mom, maybe we should go back to Australia.” I almost agreed.

  4. awwwww…wish I could have been there, but Mark and I would have just been late and then making out the whole time so I guess it’s just as well that we were here in NYC with EMjac. Haha, Miss you tons. Your legs look fabulous. You need to come out here so I can take an umbrella picture of you! Call me soon.Candice

  5. I love your Dear You’s. How did you come up with all of these brilliant ideas that you bejewel your blog with? Are you just that creative and fantastic? Can I take lessons from you? Seriously?

  6. First, I LOVE your new profile picture- you look amazing. And that shot of your legs- wow.Weddings are funny and I love to people watch at them. The gross couple- ewww.And thanks for the shout out! There were a few times during the race that I was sad you weren’t there- running or otherwise. But I am all for Hobble Creek- send me the details!

  7. We went to a former coworkers’ wedding and the people behind us (also coworkers’) giggled through the entire ceremony. (They were stoned we later found out when they were busted doing cocaine in the lady’s room.) I’m not sure I understand the whole wedding thing however, it does seem to bring out the best and worst in people. As for the marathon/half… I guess diet dr. Pepper doesn’t always cut it? I may be in trouble for Ottawa.

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