the race begins

First, for a basic run down of the weekend, feel free to visit Jen’s blog to read her post. She’s included a few things that I will probably not post about, since she already did, but that are funny and note worthy (at least to me).

And now, on to more videos.

First, the start was not the white thing you see easily…that was just a banner where the DJ was. Second, can you hear what’s playing in the background? More importantly, can you name that song? I love the music they play at races.

So, a little race education. In races, they put the slower people at the back. Generally, there is some sort of chip timing (in the bigger races) so it doesn’t really matter because your time starts when you cross the starting mats, but this way, you don’t feel lame when a gazillion people fly past you. And, you really must know I love you, my readers, because this video is kind of gross (not content, but the angle of my face), but I still felt like sharing. Um…how much are you loving my headband over my hat? A lot, right?

This is the beginning of the race…and me singing a little Dixie Chicks. I sing a lot when I run distance races. A LOT. Anne could have vouched for me, but now you will have digital video proof (there’s more to come). Don’t you love technology? I know I do. Also notice the wardrobe. Still with the headband, still with a long sleeve shirt.

So, in case you were wondering, there are several schools of thought on how to run a marathon (or half) and my favorite one is the one that includes walking breaks. Not to mention the fact that the one video I did shoot while actually running makes me a little sea sick every time I watch it. Can anyone name the Eiffel 65 song?

Yes…there’s more, but I have to get to bed. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s final video journal (and some awesome training tips).

8 thoughts on “the race begins

  1. These are just fun to watch- I never would have thought to video the experience. I can’t wait for this weekend!

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