the half marathon of death

Okay, not really. Nobody died (at least, not that I know of). I thought I was going to a few times, but I didn’t. In an effort to document what it’s like to struggle through a half marathon having done a horrible job training, here is (after the pictures) the first in a series of videos (they take forever to upload and use lots of memory, so I’ll post a couple at a time). This is the beginning of the race, where I introduce “the band” and the buses. I hope all of all of you readers realize how much I love you, because these videos are not a good look for me (early morning, no makeup, sweating buckets, etc.), but I decided to post them anyway.
This is me, showing off my cute “frozen” look. The gloves are a new addition to the running wardrobe, and a welcomed addition they were. It was freezing!

Our fabulous feet! Can you name them?

And the band (clockwise from top left), Christy, Anne, me, and Jen . For a spoken intro, watch the videos.

I just wish that you could hear the guys behind me. They talked the entire way about what time they were hoping for on the race, how cool they were, etc. It was fantastic!
You know I love you when I publish a video where the frame that shows looks like this.

My favorite video moment is still to come, where I give advice on how to train for your next half marathon. Good times. Good, good times.

11 thoughts on “the half marathon of death

  1. You know it can’t be that cold if there is NO SNOW! (Sorry I have snow on the brain.)Love the videos.

  2. Shoot…I love hearing boys talk about how fantastic they are. The videos are fun! Cliffhanger!! More please!

  3. Oh dammit! I can’t hear any of them because of the headphone cord cutting incident. Must.find.speakers….glad to at least *see* that you made it home and all that. Will be back to comment eventually.

  4. high class, high class! i miss moab!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ i do have a nice tan developing from the burn, so the lack of sunscreen is paying off in the now (not maybe so much the later)…. that was the most fun i’ve had in so long…thanks for letting me hang out!

  5. Holly – I just put a link to the gloves in the body of the text, so you can find them there.L – You will be fine. Just wait until you watch the video where I talk about my “training” and “preparation”.Amie – I love that I have running friends, too. And really, if you saw me actually run (used loosely) this thing, you would not be so impressed. Amused definitely, but not so impressed.

  6. You have only whetted my appetite–I want to see more and hear more!! The videos are great(love putting a voice with a face)! Anne looks CUTE in her running skirt, though I’m sure she was frozen, it’s a cute frozen. What kind of gloves do you use?Okay, I’ll wait patiently (or not so) for more. Soon, okay? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I am so impressed that this is part of your life. I really can’t imagine. I’m not sure I want to imagine…Loved the videos. I love that you have running friends.

  8. Fun! It makes me excited, yet nervous to do a half. Speaking of not being able to train well, I am still on doctor’s orders to stay off my foot for another week. This means that I haven’t been training for four weeks, which leaves me six weeks before the half. I suppose, as long as I don’t re-injure myself, I might be ok.

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