Once upon a time a girl walked four miles in heels in one day. Yes. Four miles; 1.4 in the morning and 2.6 in the afternoon. She’s pretty amazing.

Amazingly stupid.

But incredibly fashionable (at least that day).

Beauty is pain, my friends. Beauty is pain.

The rest of the Chicago trip coming soon…If you want a little preview, click here to read Kelly’s post.

19 thoughts on “pain

  1. so, so, true. You do look so pretty. I was surprised to find the other day that my 7 year old has already learned this lesson. She wore her clip on earrings all day long and refused to take them off even when her ear was bright red and bruised and she was in pain! Finally I made her remove them.

  2. Naomi – How great are you? Apparently, I have an addiction that everyone knows about. P.S. I just yelled at Lisa for drinking it…but then she said it was a fountain drink, so I forgave her.

  3. at least they heels didnt break right? P.S. I stopped by your work to present you with a diet coke and you were not there….because you were in Chicago. Come on chloe? Chicago vs diet coke???? ok fair enough. anyway, Lisa drank it.

  4. Well, Miss Chloe, whether the guy in question is or is not a jerk; your insistence on heels is one more convincing argument for your princess status.

  5. Yeah, the guy was actually not a jerk at all! I could have said something at some point and I’m sure he would have insisted we go back to the car, but we were having such a great conversation that I decided the pain was worth it. It’s all about choices, and I take full responsibility. 🙂

  6. Interesting that because a date was mentioned, it’s assumed that this was a) on my date and b) forced on me. How old am I? Am I not perfectly capable of making choices about what I will and won’t do in heels? While I appreciate the concern, I am capable of taking care of myself. Or at least making up my own stubborn mind, thank you very little.

  7. I did that once on a date, where we ended up walking 5 miles around a lake. Then I wore equally senseless shoes in NYC. My feet didn’t talk to me for a while after either occurence.Great head shot!!

  8. As Always – I take them in to get them fixed. These particular shoes came with a second set of whatever you call that piece of plastic, so I will just replace it.Tristan – Thanks.Lucy – I’ll tell you all about it. Don’t you worry.Hannah – I should be more like you. My ankles would be thanking me today instead of screaming at me.

  9. Shoe question – I get the same exposed metal wearing out on all of my work heels. It gets to where the rubber wears away on the heel and I sound like I have metal horseshoes clip clopping down the sidewalk. Is there anything you can do to prevent it? Or once it happens do you take your shoes to be fixed or just get a new pair? Thanks!

  10. I can’t seem to sacrifice beauty for pain- just can’t wrap my mind around it. I get grumpy if I am uncomfortable- so the trip wouldn’t have been as much fun. I am all about the sensible (boring) shoes.You are pretty amazing.

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