leaving las vegas

Basically, it was a weekend full of Hope and Tannon. We had a little “photo shoot” to get some good shots for the baby announcement (I’ll post those once it is done). My favorite pictures are the following two…both showing Tannon entertaining his “baby sister”. It was so fun to watch. The best moment, not captured, was Monday night. I was holding Hope and she started to cry (no…I didn’t pinch her) and Tannon, looking very concerned, pointed to his dad (my little brother) and said, while pointing from one to the other, “Daddy. Baby.” Justin quickly rescued Hope from the mean auntie and all was well with the universe.

Tannon has also hit a phase of not loving me. Fortunately, I find the whole thing quite amusing. Whenever I tried to talk to him (except for when I was saying goodbye as I headed into the airport…weird) he would put his hand up, with his arm extended (as far as it could reach) toward me, turn his head away from me and say, “NO!” If I decided to keep talking, the “NO!” became “No way!”, which of course made me laugh (because I’m the mean auntie) at which point he would start walking away from me, looking for his mom or dad, while the tears began to flow. I seriously think kids are so great. Like toys for grownups (at least when you are the auntie and not the parent).

11 thoughts on “leaving las vegas

  1. Oh, he stiff-armed you! Good thing you can be objective about it and know that he’ll come around again. I LOVE the photos you took of his feet and him holding his little toy.

  2. This makes me miss my niece and nephew. They’ve both had phases of not liking me, too. It kind of hurts my feelings, but I know they’ll get over it.

  3. Next time you just need to stay longer. It just takes hime 3 days to warm up to you-then he’s fine!And, my kids are so freakin’ cute!! You got som great shots of Tannon!

  4. Very cute. I have a hard to get close to niece too. I love to torture her. You are a great aunt… I so appreciate that quality from the mom perspective.

  5. Great pictures! My little niece does not like anyone but my mom and her parents- it is endearing for sure. And I like to ‘torture’ her by holding her and interacting with her more than she would like. I swear I am going to break through to that kid one of these days!

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