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So, I have lots to post about from this weekend, but since I would also like the pictures to go along with the post (actually, the pictures will probably be the post), it will have to wait. What I do want to write about was my running this weekend. First of all, I now officially hate snow in the winter. California was an ideal place to grow up. It cooled off in the winter, but to get to snow, we had to drive a few hours. Perfect.

When I knew I would be headed to Vegas this weekend, I got in touch with Cropstar. She is one of the three women with whom I will be running the Canyonlands Half Marathon in less than three weeks (in case you are wondering, I will probably die running this half marathon). She graciously drove to meet me up in my brother’s neck of the woods (or desert, as it were) and off we went. Can I just say how fabulous it was to be running outside at 7:30 am in a tank top? It was fabulous! A little chilly to start, but I warmed right up.

Sadly, I think my nano battery is dying, so I had no music and no Nike+. Happily, I had Cropstar to keep my company and her Nike+ to tell us how slow fast we were running. She was a champ and let me run as slow as needed. We ran a total of 6.28 miles. The farthest run I’ve done all winter. While it was not my fastest 6 miles ever, it did make me feel a little better about running 13.1 in three weeks (a little).

On Monday, I decided to try running without music. I just wanted to see what it would be like to run without any idea of how long (distance or time) I had been going. I was inspired by my friends over at Runners’ Lounge.

Inspiration aside, it was awful. It was 30 minutes (which I knew when I got back to J’s) of me listening to myself breathe, thinking about how miserable I was. I can now say that I’ve tried it and so I feel completely justified in never doing it again. Sure, if there’s someone there to talk to, I’ll leave one headphone out…and I even enjoyed my run with Cropstar without music. But no music and no company = no running for me.

9 thoughts on “running with friends

  1. Although I don’t run now, in the past I never had music and it is not fun just listening to yourself breathe, not for me anyway! Hope you get your battery fixed.

  2. Letting go of my headphones has been happening in stages. Sort of. If I am by myself I still use them and put in one earbud so I can still be aware of my surroundings, etc.In a group or race I have been going without (yet they are in my pocket in case) so I can be more present in the experience.Good for you getting a longer run in!! I still seem to be on a running hiatus, but of course NOT an eating hiatus.

  3. What your nano battery is dead? That is cause for some serious depression. I’m glad you like the walking breaks. I’ve personally never tried breaking it by song because I’m way too anally retentive and need to be precise just for the sake of my ocd, but I know a lot of people who like that method.

  4. Have I mentioned how much fun that run was? Seriously I had great time and the weather was PERFECT!A few weeks ago my ipod battery died half way through my run. No fun. I definitely need music or someone to talk to. That’s why I hate the “no headphones” rule for a lot of the longer races. No fun.Can’t wait for Moab!

  5. I definitely could not run without a buddy or some music either. It’s hard enough when I listen to music, sometimes thinking “Ok, I’ve listened to ten songs so that’s about this many minutes, which means I’ve probably run this many miles.” I just ran with a friend for the first time and that is definitely the way to go.

  6. You are not going to die. If it gets that bad just walk… you’ll be fine. :)But I hear you on the no music no company thing…

  7. I have a hard time running with just my thoughts too- it makes me pay attention to the breathing and I feel like I tire faster. Luckily that doesn’t happen too often. When I think of Kristi running an entire marathon without music- that just blows my mind.

  8. I think you and I should exchange running mixes. I haven’t actually started running yet but I’ve been working on my mix to inspire me to run. And it’s pretty fun. Maybe it will actually get me to do it. Then again maybe not. candice

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