take it and run thursday – love the music (with a giveaway)

This week’s Take It and Run Thursday is all about podcasts and music. I have never done the podcast thing, so music it is. I love music and rarely manage a run without it (just not that in love with running, I guess). I have learned to run without my Nike + iPod when I’m attempting to just run without any thought for goals, but the music is still there.

In honor of the music, below are some of my favorites from the marathon training days. Enjoy! I chose to only list songs that I could offer for downloading (not protected songs), but I would feel awful if I failed to mention my all time, number one (at least for the St. George Marathon of 2007) training song, Sexy Back by JT. I love that song!

My number two is listed below. Be the first one to guess it in the comments (you only get one guess) and I will send you my latest running mix! And, because I love giveaways, leave a comment between now and next Thursday, and you will be entered in a drawing to win a running mix, as well. Winners will be announced in next weeks installment of Take It and Run Thursday. (Even if you’re not a one for running, you might still enjoy listening to the mix blasting in your car.)

And here is a a little paragraph from an old post on how I incorporated music into my marathon training.

The next thing; I incorporated walk breaks. When doing long runs, especially for the novice runner like myself, there are several different schools of thought, but one tip that seems to be pretty common is to take walk breaks every so many minutes. Well, I didn’t want to look at my iPod (my only source of time) at all for all of the previously mentioned reasons, so I decided, rather than timing my breaks, I would just walk every fifth song (four minutes walking for every 16 running).

The “walk break to music” plan worked brilliantly. I will never do it any other way. As I continued to do it, I figured out what worked for me. I love running because it is really about what works for each one of us.

P.S. For those of you worried about me after my day yesterday, let me just say that I am doing much better today. Amazing what a few hours and a great conversation will do to ease the stresses of life!

19 thoughts on “take it and run thursday – love the music (with a giveaway)

  1. Do you think a running mix would help me? You have serious skills… I rely on the skills of others. I will have to check these out.I will guess…. My Love

  2. love the mix, chloe. i will say that now that that i am away from my running girls, i am ADDICTED to my new friend nike+. how is training going for you? you are headed for canyonlands in a few weeks, yes? will you be running the sl half?

  3. I’m guessing Workout Plan by Kanye…but I won last time so maybe someone else should get a chance! 🙂 I totally agree-running is near impossible without music to push me along. Love your list!

  4. I used to have a load of U2 tunes but ended up burned out on them. I guess I listened to them over and over again…; )Like your list of tunes!

  5. Very nice. How do you hyperlink your playlist? Do you do that manually? I’d like to figure out how to do that so that it looped back to my Amazon affiliate thingamabob, but really, hyperlinking it to anything would be progress.

  6. Thanks for sharing your list and also for motivating me to try music on the run. I needed a nudge.Glad things are looking up for you following yesterday’s post. Sometimes the questions we ask ourselves can send us into a downward spiral.Keep up your good running, listening, and living.

  7. My guess is Big Girl You Are Beautiful (prolly just because you just told us you love that song in your Mika post… btw, suuuper jealous! That show looks like it was fantastic)I LOVE the run 4 songs, walk 1 song method. I can go longer and stronger on my long runs that way. It’s perfect for me.Also- I am staying in Vegas this weekend so let’s definitely go running saturday morning! Yay!And finally… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

  8. I want to say Sunday Bloody Sunday but that’s just because I love U2 and it’s on my running mix too. I need to write about U2 some more.

  9. Good tips on the walk breaks! I think they are make all the difference–especially conserving energy on your long runs.Glad you are having a better day after a “head case” moment.My guess is MIKA, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful). It’s one of my faves.

  10. Find a New Way is my guess- I like running to that song. I too am a boring music listener so I appreciate the new stuff. Someday I will have the time and funds to be cool again, I keep telling myself that anyway.Happy Valentine’s Day Chloe!

  11. I’ve decided to do some blog stalking of my own – but really it isn’t stalking because we have met and we have people in common. I’m going to guess um “SOS”? I really have no idea but I thought I’d make a guess.

  12. I don’t know most of these songs but I love Big Girls (You ARe Beautiful) so that is going to be my guess. And now I get to go look up some fabulous new music on itunes. Thanks!Happy Valentine’s Day! I think you are sooper dooper!:)

  13. Mmm, I’m going to guess “Clothes Off” by Gym Class Heroes. I’m always so jealous of your great music collection – I am such a boring music listener.

  14. I know it, but I’m going to let someone else guess. I always win your giveaways, it’s time to let someone else win for once. 😉

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