the fabulous life of…

I really do want you all to know that my life is not perfect, although lately, I kind of feel like it’s about as fabulous as I could want it to be (okay…so I’d love to be thin and rich, but barring those two items).

This weekend, I’m off to here with her, her, and her, to see this and this, and eat here and here.

How excited am I?!

8 thoughts on “the fabulous life of…

  1. so seriously, every time i see your blog i think to myself “go- chloe- go and be free!” so cheesy, but true. so much fun!!! you have such a wonderful life going on right now- so many new things and it’s all exciting!

  2. I hate you all!ok not really… but I am steaming with jealousy!Have so much fun!! Can’t wait to read the report when you get back. I’m sure it will be fantastic.

  3. Oh wow! I HAVE to eat at that chocolate place ASAP! Thank goodness I’m only four hours from NYC. Have fun!

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