rule number 8, no double-cuffing the pants

  1. I am grateful for birthdays that last an entire week. Last night was the culmination of the birthday festivities with a fun dinner at The Dodo and Dan in Real Life…”You are a murderer of love!”
  2. I am grateful for thoughtful birthday presents (and in thoughtful, I include gift cards because it requires knowing where a person shops to know where to buy them a gift card).
  3. I am grateful for my “new” friends! I have been in Utah a little over a year now, and have found this amazing little circle of girlfriends. It’s a rare thing. And I know, eventually, we will all go our different directions, but these are the types of girls you share your secrets with, and that is not something you find everyday.

Of all the ‘attitudes’ we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing.

Zig Ziglar

7 thoughts on “rule number 8, no double-cuffing the pants

  1. Yes…how could I forget the “murderer of love” line….makes me want to belt out: “Ruthie….Pig Face….Draper!” For those that haven’t seen the flick ….do so !!!!

  2. Birthdays should last a week! At least that is how I celebrate. Thanks for letting me crash the party Friday and I’m so in on the Nutcracker Race.

  3. I want to see Dan in Real Life. Birthdays should last as long as possible, and having friends you can share your secrets with — definitely not something you find everyday.

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