and the craziness continues

In case you wonder where I am until November 1st, I’ll explain:

I’ll be here, in P-town, getting everything I have to do done. What do I have to do? Funny you should ask.

  • I still have 12 essays to write for grad school applications, most of which are due November 1st. And the four already written…well, there’s still some work to be done.
  • As I mentioned, I volunteer for an NGO called Sowers of Hope (I’ll link the blog once I have permission). Today I received an email asking if I would be willing to translate some documents from French to English. Of course I said yes. And truthfully, it’s only EIGHT documents, so no big deal. Seriously, though, I am really excited to be doing this. Nothing like some translation to really hone in on those French skills. And this will allow me to become really familiar with the project and what the goals of it are.
  • I am currently taking a French class and I am a little behind. Hopefully, I can get caught up this week.
  • The MBA field studies project continues, with publishing on the horizon (just in the school’s magazine, but it’s still a big deal to me)
  • I am totally sleep deprived and feeling pretty under the weather.

Yep…it’s time to take a blogging break. But, there will be many posts to look forward to…my pumpkin cheesecake post, Big Shot Karaoke, the end of the applications, and my birthday. So, while I am gone, please miss me and post encouraging comments and send emails. And I promise I will be back ASAP!

But before I go, let me give a shout out to Big Shot Karaoke, which will be my one social outing for the next week.

This Thursday Sarah, Candice, Kelly and I (and several of our friends) are headed to Comedy Sportz in P-Town for Big Shot Karaoke…and this time, there will be singing coming from us. So, if you are really missing me and want to stalk me and you are looking for something to do tomorrow night (after good t.v.), that’s where I’ll be. It starts at 9 p.m. P-town time.

6 thoughts on “and the craziness continues

  1. Ok, exactly HOW many grad schools are you applying to….375? Seriously. I can see why you’re going crazy w/ applications. Good luck with all your to-do’s!

  2. I hesitate to put this here, because I’ve heard this analolgy so many countless times in the past month from the people I work with that I’m going crazy. But since they swear it’s true….You look up at the task before you: Moving a mountain. You look down at your only available tool: A teaspoon. You’re overwhelmed. How will I ever be able to move that mountain with only my trusty teaspoon? Surely a tablespoon would be better.Your only choice? Grab your trusty teaspoon and start digging. Don’t think about how much you still have to do, or consider everything you’ve already done. Just start digging – and keep digging until the task is complete, at which point: You’ve moved a mountain.My question: Who will move it back?

  3. Good luck with evertying.Don’t forget to watch the world series!!!If you need to know what is going on, check out my world series update!!!

  4. GOOD LUCK getting everything done! Sounds a little overwhelming indeed but you can do it! And don’t worry about your essays. You are an awesome writer so I’m sure they will all be perfect.I so wish I could join you for Karaoke. That seriously sounds like too much fun!!Bon Courage!! Tu vas reussir, sans doute. Et, c’est trop cool que tu feras le traduction. Je suis jalouse! Le francais me manque tellement!

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