20 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Quote from Chloe: And remember that she’s sometimes too smart for her own good.My response: It’s simply impossible to be too smart for your own good. Maybe for other people’s good, but never for your own.

  2. Chloe you take gorgeous pictures. I’ve been wanting to take a drive up through the canyon and enjoy the fall leaves, but alas I think I may be too late now.

  3. Glad everyone enjoyed fall! Justin…be nice to Erika. In her defense, at first it just said “Huntington” without the “Beach”. And remember that she’s sometimes too smart for her own good.Maren…thanks for telling me, when I saw you in Cali, that you were waiting for my fall pics as you were missing the leaves. That’s what finally got me out the door.Zeeny…welcome to my blog.I played with the music quite a bit, and this version of “Come Thou Fount” (my favorite hymn) just seemed to capture my feelings perfectly.ThomCarter…I didn’t miss playoffs. I happen to not like profession baseball…at all. I think it’s lame. Sorry. But it’s true. I’ll watch football. I’ll tolerate basketball. But the only way you’ll get me to watch baseball is if I a) am actually at the game or b) know a player personally. Autrement, ca ne va pas.Julia…just wait until you are in NC for fall. I’m sure it blows Utah out of the water.

  4. Beautiful music and beautiful pictures…what more could I ask for!! (by the way…I’m laughtear’s sister!)

  5. Erika, you are hilarious. She went to Huntington Beach, you know a little town on the coast of the state you live in… Not Huntington Utah. You make me laugh.

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for posting them! Why don’t the leaves change here? Although on our drive to Morgan Hill to go to the Farmer’s Market I saw a red-leaved tree! I was so happy to see one tree that looked like Autumn!

  7. I love how beautifully you have composed each picture. I wish I had your patience. Since I don’t, my approach to the camera is an unfortunate Point, Click, and Pray. (Much like my approach to the pool table, which is an equally unfortunate Hit Hard and Pray.)Question: Why and when did you go to Huntington? I have vague memories of it being an old farming/mining town with nothing to recommend it visually. You have obviuosly shown otherwise. Impressive.

  8. You packed a ton into this Wordless Wednesday! Everything is gorgeous and that version of that hymn is awesome!

  9. Beautiful pictures! You truly are so talented with the camera. These make me miss going up Provo Canyon and finding my own “place”. Again, they look wonderful.

  10. Wordless Wednesday always makes me laugh because I end up typing a post (or two) in the comments. Crystal – this is up South Fork in Provo Canyon…and I went ahead and hopped a fence become a trespasser of the Girl Scout camp there. I’m just glad I made it up there before the colors were gone. Oh, and thanks for the compliment about the camera. I definitely enjoy it.Sarah – Yes, you do need to head up the canyon.

  11. Wow, wow, WOW. These are fabulous! I so love the one with the wooden post fence? Which canyon is this? You’re REALLY good with the camera.

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