pictures from SF

The Golden Gate

The Bay Bridge and the City – I was in a bit of a hurry, so this is not my best work…plus I have no idea what I’m doing with night shots.

The blurry picture of the skinny jeans…I figured I might as well share it.

7 thoughts on “pictures from SF

  1. fabulous shots, chloe. seriously. that is awesome. so great meeting you last sunday! GOOD LUCK at st. george. cannot wait to hear all about it.

  2. you have quite a talent for photo taking. and i also struggle with auto focus at times. no worries…your skinny jeans look awesome on you! skinny jeans look so bad on me because i am not skinny and also SHORT.

  3. No, it was a self-portrait. I was using the timer with the auto focus, but it likes to focus when you are setting the timer. I guess I could’ve had Erika take it…but I didn’t.

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