and the winners are…

So, I have a few different diseases. I know I’ve mentioned at least one of them before. The All or Nothing Disease. I thought I have found, not a cure, but at least a treatment…although my last few weeks of non-running and non-weight loss have proven otherwise. In case any of you are wondering, I am still doing WW and I am still running 26.2 miles next Saturday. That’s right, folks, eight days and counting.

I digress. We were discussing my diseases. Another one is the Laundry Folding disease. I’m discovering that this disease is much less rare than once assumed. In fact, it’s bordering on pandemic. Then there’s the I Want, I Buy disease. This one keeps me awake at night. But the disease that is affecting me right now is the I Don’t Ever Win Anything and Hate It So I Don’t Like Having to Pick Winners Because It Means There Are Losers and That Sucks and I Can’t Stand Leaving People Out disease. The problem with this disease is that, like the I Want, I Buy disease, it often stretches me further than my means. In this case, however, it will not. But, I am limited by iTunes. Now that you are all asking yourselves what the heck I am talking about, I’ll explain it in simple terms.

iTunes allows you to make seven copies of any one playlist on cd. So, I decided, since I hate not winning, that I would max out my winners, which means SEVEN of you will be the lucky recipients of my fabulous mixes (okay, so you may hate them, but whatever). And the seven lucky winners are:

  1. Robyn
  2. Jenny
  3. Elisa
  4. Leanne
  5. Amy
  6. Lucy
  7. Anne

If all of you can email your addresses to me (I promise not to sell them to anyone) at, I will be putting your cds in the mail on Monday. I also promise to include that playlists so that you can know what you are listening to.

Thank you all so much for participating. It was really fun to hear from some of my lurkers who don’t normally comment…and I have loved reading your blogs, as well.

10 thoughts on “and the winners are…

  1. I too have that disease. How nice of you to pick more winners. I missed the whole contest, but wanted to just say I love your blog!

  2. How cute is it that you have a diseases blog label?! I second the vote for posting your playlist. I love recommendations for new music!

  3. Yay for me! You know where to find me. I’ll be the one crawling behind you on mile 15 of the marathon. Woohoo for winning!!

  4. Ya-hoo! I never win anything! This will go down as one of the luckiest and happiest blog experiences yet. I’m very excited. Sorry about your disease, though. I guess your mental illness is my gain!:)

  5. Amy – It is you! And that is why I chose seven winners. I hate hearing stories like yours (I have a similar one). Mike – Way to be gracious!Christy – I think that’s a great idea…I will do it. And I’ll go one further. Of the songs, I will go ahead and “share” the ones that aren’t protected.

  6. so for all of us LOSERS *sniff sniff* (jk) it would be kinda awesome if you’d post your playlist (or at least some of your fav tunes from the playlist) so we can check out some of the tunes. ya know… if you wanted to…

  7. Amy, as in ME Amy?!!! If that’s true, I’m so excited right now! I’ve only won something once in my life and that was a big jar of m&ms in 2nd grade because I guessed how many there were.

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