10,000 and counting

Yesterday I had my 10,000th hit since May 18, 2007. I started blogging in September (I think) of 2006, but didn’t start tracking until May. Yes, I track my traffic. I may not know who you are, but I know where you are. In any case, in honor of those 10,000 visits, I’m going to do a little give away. I will be selecting TWO LUCKY WINNERS; one will be the first person to post a comment to this post (all you night owls…this is what it’s all about) and the second will be chosen at random (names in a hat) from all of the comments* made on this post between now and Thursday at midnight. Hopefully this will encourage some of you lurkers to leave a comment…if you don’t have a gmail/blogger profile, just leave an anonymous post and include your name (it can even be a fake name if you’d prefer to remain anonymous to the public at large…aka my other readers, although if you win, I will have to know who you are, so don’t comment if you don’t want me to know you read my blog).

And, what do we have for them, Bob? Well, as I am a lover of music (and concerts) and I just got home from one and have music on my mind, you will receive a special 2-cd set of my favorites from the tours of ’07 (meaning the concerts I have been to thus far). There may be some other surprises as well, but no guarantees other than the cds…although that alone should make you all want to leave a comment as I have been to some great concerts this year, including, but not limited to, Joshua Radin, Pete Yorn, Dashboard, Muse, and Young Love**.

After selecting the winners on Friday, I will post your names to the blog and you will then need to email me your info (real/full name and mailing address) so that I can get your prize to you.

Thanks for being such a great audience and for giving me so much encouragement and so many things to think about!

*Each commenter will be counted only once, regardless of the number of comments he or she makes.
**Please be aware that some of the music may not be suitable for young ears…I will do my best to filter, but no guarantees.

25 thoughts on “10,000 and counting

  1. i love free stuff – pick me, pick me!btw – even though i haven’t been commenting i have been reading on a regualr basis.

  2. mmm…how i love a good giveaway!ps…10,000, huh? i probably account for about 100 of those just myself. you’re welcome. πŸ™‚

  3. i should be so lucky to have that many people read my blog. somehow my family is still tecno challenged and they don’t reall follow it. thanks for the sympathy. i hope the girls won’t remember. I get to, but maybe they will be spared! it was great to talk the other night. can’t wait to hear if you get to come and visit.

  4. 10,000 ?!?!…hells bells, do I have 10,000 of anything ????…used to be the number of hairs on my head…not so much now. …Congratulations

  5. PICK ME!! PICK ME!! I soooo want that CD.PLUS… i love your blog. it’s the best. and you’re so pretty, and smart and funny (are the compliments upping my chances here? cuz i’ll keep going if i need to ;)xoxo

  6. Okay, I admit, I’m just commenting for a chance to win. πŸ™‚ But seriously, how do you track your visitors? Are you using Google analytics or some such? Just curious. Can you believe it’s only 10 days til the marathon?!?! YIKES!

  7. Congrats Chloe! Did you do anything to get your blog out there, or have people just come through word of mouth/links on other blogs?

  8. Dang- I was online last night too…10,000 is pretty sweet. I used to track my blog but haven’t in a long time. So, here’s hoping I’m the lucky one picked out of the hat.

  9. I am the WINNER! I guess I have an advantage being in another hemisphere and all… It’s 7:54 pm on Wednesday night here in Australia. Do I win a free trip to Utah?

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