weight watchers weekly – week 16

Before I get into my weekend, which will not be a play by play, as there is very little play to report, I need to do my WW post from last week. The good news. I lost. And that’s all. I’m not down to where I was three weeks ago, yet. And I’m sure that my weekend in SF did nothing to help, especially since I did very little (and by “little” I mean no) tracking. But, it was so worth it.

Anyway, last week was better. I managed to lose two of the pounds that I found. I’m still not changing the total on my side bar. I have lost that much and should be back to the weight in two more weeks (this week will not be the week it all goes away…I will be lucky to have not gained.

In general, I’m feeling pretty good about things. As my sisters were both in town last weekend, losing two pounds was a big accomplishment. With being in SF (my favorite place to eat…especially once I discovered this great local donut place…the first night I was there), I think I’ll be okay if I gained a little.

I guess I’m just feeling very balanced. My life is as crazy as ever and I’m learning how to function without making food the drug of choice…although I think I will always enjoy it because, really, it’s just so good…and it’s not like I can just quit eating, right?

Oh, and one more thing. At the same time I purchased my long and lean jeans (which incidentally are not necessarily for long and lean people, but are meant to make one appear long and lean) I also found a fabulous new jacket. It’s super cute, camel color with dark gray buttons, so it is extremely versatile. Anyway, when it comes to jackets, I definitely like a little roomier fit for layering purposes, so I thought I had grabbed an XL. I tried the jacket on and it was darling. Perhaps a little more fitted than I am comfortable with, but the shoulders fit perfectly, it looked great and it was on sale. That was all I needed. I went for it.

What I didn’t realize until I actually went to wear the jacket and had to remove the tag, was that it was actually an L and not an XL. I know sizes aren’t everything and I hope I never become one of those people who is so caught up in size that she insists on purchasing a particular size even though a size larger makes her look so much better (and thinner), but it really has been fun to “shrink” a bit, especially with the knowledge that I have neither starved myself, nor popped pills in order to do so.

8 thoughts on “weight watchers weekly – week 16

  1. i am so happy you have some balance! i feel like i’ve lost mine, so i’m glad someone has some!i have to see that jacket! i love camel colored anything- i am still hunting down boots that are camel…

  2. SF was one of my fav places to eat until I went to Melbourne. You must add it to your list of places to go one day. It’s amazing!

  3. Amy – two weeks ago people were sending them my way…it’s just the way the universe works, I think.Lucy – We really need to hang out again. Michelle – I’m so excited to have you visit me. I love your banner. And I have to give credit where credit is due. My darling friend Sarah designed it.Sarah – You are SWEETNESS! I’m so sad that Sweetness got the boot. It could’ve been entertaining.Rachel – I have to admit that I’d be very sad if I could quit food completely, as I do love it.

  4. Loving the upbeat, positive self-talk! You should cut yourself some slack…expecially with a trip like that!That’s the tricky thing with the whole food addiction thing; there is no quitting cold turkey. But who’d want to? Good food is a part of living a happy and beautiful life! It’s the icing on the cake!!! Cheesy, sorry.

  5. Oh my word, could your banner be ANY cuter??I need to learn to not make food my drug of choice as well. (But then what would replace it?)

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