weight watchers weekly – week 13

Apparently, the key was to not have a scale. I cannot even explain to you how hard it was. I mean, I guess it wasn’t hard because the scale just wasn’t there (and as of yesterday, it moved from the trunk of my car to the storage unit), but every morning, without fail, I turned to weigh myself. In fact, I think today was the first morning that I didn’t. It’s amazing how those addictions live in us.

I had a pretty good week. I used all of my flex points (you get 35 per week to use however you’d like) on Saturday, so that meant I had to be pretty careful the rest of the week. And because I’ve lost so much, I get two less points than I used to get. I had a couple of days where I went over my points. The only thing that saves me is how much I exercise, and because my class is now over, I got in all of my runs this week (well, except for the 18 miler which is how I’ll be spending my Labor Day morning).

Anyway, all in all, it was a good week, especially considering that I had a couple of difficult social situations…well, the social part was fine, it was the food that made it hard. But, I’m learning how to do the social stuff now. And, without a scale, I have no way of justifying eating a little more, and no reason to starve myself. Even though it was hard to get used to, I’m so glad I got rid of it.

My brain is pretty fried right now, so I will just get to the good stuff. I lost 1.6 lbs, for a total of 25.2 lbs in 13 weeks! Yay! Such an accomplishment. I promised myself when I started this whole thing that I was in this for the long haul, to get control of my emotional eating, to be healthy. I feel like I’m back on track.

11 thoughts on “weight watchers weekly – week 13

  1. So, in answer to a few of your comments…even with studying. I am not a stress eater. I am an emotional eater and for me emotional does not include stress. When I got my score, that’s when the emotional eating began. You know, to celebrate. And had my score been bad, I would have eaten (at least in the past) to soothe myself. When it comes to “stress” and the need to focus, I am an exerciser…thank goodness. So, part of the reason I lost what I did was that I got all of my running in, for a total of 31 miles last week.

  2. that is fantastic. you’re doing a great job with running and the weight loss/mind-body connection! seriously- with everything going on, you are amazing to keep it together, let alone excel like you are!!

  3. That is awesome. It is the best feeling to finally feel you are getting in control of your eating. It finally happened for me last year.

  4. You’re a champ.Side question. Do you think that the stress of studing made it easier or harder to stay on track.I find that when I am studying I snack more. What did you do>

  5. Glad to know the scale isn’t haunting you anymore. All your hard work is paying off. Must feel great to be seeing the results! Keep posting those great WW recipes. I love em!

  6. Whoop! Whoop! That’s fantastic news Chloe–so glad you are back on track. Who knew storing the scale would do the trick?!? Pretty smart girl.

  7. Congrats! I think we are about at the same point in our weight loss path… but I need to really make sure to track everything. That is the hardest part for me now.

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