busy, busy, busy

I was out of town this weekend. It was my niece’s baby blessing. She looked just like an angel. I was very busy helping out. It was fabulous.

Being with them down in Arizona actually made me miss it (just a little). I had so much fun with little Madeline and my other nieces and nephew who live down there (and the last nephew who was also in town) but then I tried (tried being the operative word) to do my 10 mile run. In Arizona. In August. After not running all week. I don’t miss it so much. Utah really is an ideal place to train.

I have much to share, but no time to share it. I will be so happy when this week is over. And, in case you’re wondering, my run turned into a run/walk and went from 10 miles to 6.5. It was a bad day. I didn’t make it to WW’s at all because I went to a birthday party with my sister-in-law and her kids in AZ, which was very fun because I got to see lots of friends whom I haven’t seen in a while and I happened to meet Rachelle’s sister, Laurie (it’s a small, small world when you blog)…and I got to play with my nieces and nephew and their little friends on these huge blow up contraptions. I felt like I was 6 all over again.

So…there’s the little update. I do have some commentaries coming that prove to be entertaining, but for now, this will have to do.

5 thoughts on “busy, busy, busy

  1. i think 6.5 miles in heat and humidity is equal to a good 10 mile run. 🙂 baby blessings are so fun- how cool that you got to be there!

  2. umm…hilarious.and no, she didn’t tell me.we have way too many connections…we were destined to meet somewhere, someway, somehow…right? right.

  3. 6.5 is FINE! Don’t worry about it. Who’s baby got blessed and do you have pictures of this baby? I would love to see.

  4. I read you blog for encouragement, I’m training for my First half marathon in the fall. Sorry you didn’t get to finish your run this weekend.

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