blog party…

So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to a blog party where I knew no one (well, other than stalking their blogs). I was teetering back and forth when Anne (Anne who I have yet to meet but will in less than two weeks) told me that I had to go so I could meet Annalisa (below) and Lori (below, below), among others.

me and Annalisa

Lori and me
me and Lori

Well, went I did and it was quite fun. Annalisa and Lori were just as fun as Anne thought they would be, plus I got to meet Annalisa’s cute sister’s, Laralee and Crystalyn. I think this will be the beginning of multiple, beautiful friendships. It was so fun to see all of these people in real life, people who I have admired, nay stalked, for a while. These women are even more amazing and beautiful in real life as they are in their blogs.

Annalisa, Crystalyn, me and Laralee

For more on the evening, you can visit Jill’s blog…she’s the grand master of the Blog Party. Thanks again, Jill, for a fabulous evening.

12 thoughts on “blog party…

  1. I hate that I only briefly said hello and never really got to talk to you the rest of the night. I am excited to have more local bloggers blogs to read!

  2. I’m so glad Anne talked you into coming. It was so fun to meet you -even if my sister did steal you! 🙂 I teased her on the way home that she just made a new bff. I thought the blog party was so fun, especially as we got silly playing as the night wore on. Have fun meeting Anne (my turn to be jealous). When she’s in town, you up for lunch?

  3. Oooh! How fun!! Good for you for stepping out a bit and meeting some fab. new friends. Glad you had a good time!

  4. Chloe it was so great to meet you! I am so glad you came. And YES, I know it is the start of a wonderful friendship. You are one amazing chica and I loved hearing all about you. Thank you for posting about the party, it was a great night.

  5. A blogging party?? I’ve never been to one but that sounds SO FUN! My friend and I sometimes have blogging meetings… just to talk about it. But going to a party where I could meet people who I read but don’t know would be awesome! I’m glad you went and had such a fun time!

  6. I was out of my comfort zone too but it was great to meet you. You are an interesting lady and I am looking forward to reading your blog now! Not to mention trying some of these yummy-looking recipes.

  7. Way to get out of your comfort zone and come to the party, I’m glad you listened to Anne’s advice. It was a delight having you there!

  8. oh how cool that you were able to go! i thought about it all this weekend. 🙂 i wish i could have been there. looks like an awesome party. 🙂

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