13.1 miles…and a realization of insanity

So, 13 miles was the run today. I tacked on the .1 for good measure and because I wanted to complete a half marathon.

What I would like to talk about today is the fact that I came to the conclusion while running these 13 miles that I am insane. Totally and completely off my rocker. I just ran 13.1 miles. And I hurt. And I’m tired. And, for the first time ever, I had to stop in the middle of a run to use a bathroom. No one should ever run so far that they can’t make it all the way through before they have to pee.

And, as I was suffering all I kept thinking is, “Wow, when I finish this damn (yes…I swear sometimes, especially when I’m running 13 miles) run, I will have run HALF of a marathon. HALF! THAT’S IT! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!”

Well, I guess it’s a little late to consider that now. I’m in it. I’ve come this far. And more than anything, I have publicized this whole experience to the point that I can’t quit. Plus, I have this disease. I believe I’ve mentioned it before. It’s called the “all or nothing disease”. I can’t do things half-way. So…all it is…and all it will continue to be.

A few other realizations…after last week’s run and today’s, I have discovered that I hit my groove at about mile 7. See, sane people would never find that out because they would run 3 miles, hating every mile, and be done. That’s a good amount of exercise…enough to keep one healthy and happy. No one ever needs to find out that it takes them seven miles to get into a groove. SEVEN FLIPPING MILES!

Okay…I think I’m done now. After all of that, I must admit that I feel pretty good (emotionally, that is…physically, I’m hashed). I did my farthest run to date. I kept my pace, I managed to avoid any blisters (something I didn’t do on my “short” midweek six-miler), I added another mile of uphill, I learned that I can stop to use the restroom and keep going afterwards, and I burned 1975 calories. That’s over half a pound. Crazy! I guess all of the weight loss makes sense when I add up all of the calories I manage to burn while running. Just kidding…I did get one blister.

So, while I now realize just how crazy I am, I’m not quite ready to ask for help or give it up. I’m addicted.

And a few of my favorite things before I publish the playlist:

And the playlist…most of these songs I already made available last week. The few new ones I will try to make available for downloading…but I don’t have the time right now. Running 13 miles takes a chunk out of a person’s day. And, as you’ll notice, I changed my slow songs back to every sixth song…this seems to work better for me than every fifth. As for notes…I am getting the playlist thing down. I got the right songs in the right places. I have no complaints today…about the music that is.

  1. Freedom 90 6:30 George Michael
  2. in too deep 3:29 sum 41
  3. Summer Love 4:15 Justin Timberlake
  4. i didnt steal your boyfriend 3:04 ashlee simpson
  5. Workout Plan 2:52 Kanye West
  6. If You Were Here 2:57 Thompson Twins
  7. beautiful love 4:09 The Afters
  8. My Love (Feat. T.I.) 4:36 Justin Timberlake
  9. How We Operate 5:28 Gomez
  10. Every Other Time 4:07 LFO
  11. LOVE 2:37 ashlee simpson
  12. Big girls don’t cry 4:28 Fergie
  13. Lifetime (radio) 3:29 better than ezra
  14. Simply Being Loved 4:21 BT
  15. Witch In The Ditch 3:44 Erasure
  16. Glamorous (Feat. Ludacris) 4:06 Fergie
  17. Fit But You Know It 4:14 The Streets
  18. Fields of Gold 3:33 Sting & Edin Karamazov
  19. Do It 4:04 Spice Girls
  20. what about us 3:57 Brandy
  21. Mr. Brightside 3:41 The Killers
  22. i wanna have your babies 3:34 Natasha Bedingfield
  23. Just The Girl 3:50 The Click Five
  24. No One Is to Blame 3:59 Emile Millar
  25. Dance Dance 5:02 Fall Out Boy
  26. I See You Baby 4:03 Groove Amada
  27. Get Over It 3:16 ok go
  28. Summer Girls 4:19 LFO
  29. Clothes Off 3:55 Gym Class Heroes
  30. A Sorta Fairytale 5:29 Tori Amos
  31. Irreplaceable 3:47 Beyoncé
  32. knock ’em out 2:53 Lily Allen
  33. Workout Plan 2:52 Kanye West
  34. Hot ‘n’ Cold Pussycat 4:11 Basement Jaxx vs.
  35. Girl From the Gutter 3:58 Kina
  36. Lay Lady Lay 4:37 Magnet
  37. in too deep 3:29 sum 41
  38. SexyBack 4:02 Justin Timberlake
  39. Yummy 4:57 Gwen Stefani

7 thoughts on “13.1 miles…and a realization of insanity

  1. Congratulations on your 13.1….excellent ! Love that music list….what a great way to start….Freedom 90 !Good job !

  2. way to go!!!! this post seriously cracked me up- i’d write more, but the new 3 year old is screaming that i took away his dora game…

  3. i think you are crazy. yes, i do. but since i like do it by the spice girls too i thought i would hold back from saying you are insane. those girls rock and i don’t even care what year it is.

  4. Chloe, again I am SO IMPRESSED! 13 miles. You are not insane, you are just going for a goal and I think it is so cool that you ran 13 miles today. Not very many people can say they’ve done that.

  5. A Kudo bar to you Chloe for running a half marathon–oh, yeah, ON YOUR OWN!! Now, non runners might not get get it, but see, we share the crazy. I totally get the 7-8 mile groove–that really is true! Great job girl–be proud of this milestone. BTW, in case you are still checking out supportive sport bras 2 more I can recommend are CW-X Extra Support Sport Bra (CW-X.com) and Lunaire coolmax underwire sport bra.

  6. 3 miles is my limit so I have never felt that runners high. I think I am okay with never feeling it though. YOu are doing so great sticking to your goal. It is fun to watch you document it.

  7. I should stop reading your long run recaps before I run my miles. I was afraid you might feel like this and it makes me scared for myself…really really scared. I, like you, are either all or nothing, and since I’m lazy and a wimp (I promise that was the last time) it’s usually nothing. Quite literally, the only thing that keeps me running is the fact that I have publicized my efforts for all to see. Think of all of the people I would disappoint if I gave up now. I’m running a half marathon race tomorrow and I’m hoping that the race atmosphere will make it a little more bearable. I guess we’ll see. I’m curious to know if you used both the beans and the shot blocs in the same run or if you just pick one.Oh…you’ll be “relieved” (haha I’m funny!!) to know that the route we’ll run when you’re out here boasts lots of public restrooms (they’re pretty much at every memorial) and if we get totally desperate there’s always the Potomac River(only kidding about the last part). I can’t wait to give you a running tour of DC!!!

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