babies, babies, babies

In case you were all wondering why I was on such a cooking kick this week, it’s because Ashley, Lisa and I threw a little baby shower for Amanda. We all took on different parts of it and I volunteered to do food because I love any excuse to cook…or bake, specifically. Thankfully, my cute friend, Sarah, was able to come help with the baking…and be my personal photographer (my camera, her skills).

Ashley supplied the location (not a minor thing), a fantastic spinach artichoke dip (I’ll post the recipe when I get it) and pasta dish, and the cute favors (I didn’t get a pic of those).

Lisa was in charge of drinks and the game. I have heard of the poopy diaper game before, but never experienced it first hand. It was hilarious!

This is the little dress I gave Amanda from Old Navy. She was actually with me when I bought it, but it was so cute that I just couldn’t wait…plus, the fewer trips to Old Navy, the better. I have no control!Amanda – Congratulations again! We are all going to miss you when you leave us to be a full-time mommy!

3 thoughts on “babies, babies, babies

  1. I came to your blog through Sarah C.’s blog and I know Amanada! She’s in my family (well, extended family). So weird to see her picture on a random blog. But still cool. And the dirty diaper game is my absolute favorite – whenever I’m in charge of games, you better believe we’re playing that one.

  2. how fun! i would have taken baking duty, too- i love it. but judging my your photos, i’m a serious slacker! WOW! you’re awesome!!! i’m seriously impressed. i love that pic of the dirty diaper- i was scrolling down and had to stop to look twice- i am still giggling. 🙂

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