spt – stolen moments

Despite the *vacation* part of “summer vacation,” it seems we are all just as crazy as ever. Swim teams, scout trips, family vacations (and new family cars!), new babies, family reunions, rock concerts, and even stomach bus have kept us all hopping this summer!

Where do you go at the end of the day, when the house is quiet and you have a few stolen moments? Is there a special place in your home that becomes your retreat for reading, surfing, blogging, scrapbooking? Or is this the place where you enjoy steaming hot coffee in the morning before the day gets away from you?

What makes this a comforting spot for you? is it filled with photos? Mementos? An overstuffed chair? Do you shut the door against the world, or do you throw open your shutters and take in the view? Is there music playing? A DVD running? A candle burning?

In the insanity of summer, where do you spend your stolen moments?

This SPT challenge has caused me a bit of reflection. Initially, when I read it, I thought that this was definitely directed to the “marrieds with children”. With all the discussion of summer vacations, swim team, scout trips, etc. I kind of thought, “Well, this doesn’t really apply to me. I don’t have all of those things going on. Sure I’m busy, but I am a single woman, living (for all intents and purposes) on my own. My life is full of me time.” So, I really just put it out of my head and figured I wouldn’t participate this week.

But then, I started thinking about the things that I do that would qualify as “stolen moments” and an interesting thing happened. I began to realize a few things. First, somehow I grew up with an inherent need to have me time, so I build it into my life. I love to do things for people, but I also love to do things for me, so I do. Second, I really do appreciate that I have me time. And third, I am good at turning any alone time into a type of stolen moment.

My time is very important to me. You know how there are some people who just don’t really enjoy being alone. I am not one of those people. I really enjoy my own company and time for reflection. I love my, what I would call, stereotypical stolen moments: curling up with a good book (I wish I had an overstuffed chair), watching one of my favorite movies, spending hours perusing the shelves at Barnes and Noble, running (yes, I do truly enjoy it), taking a nice bubble bath. But I also love some not so traditional moments.

I love driving by myself. I often spend time in my car on the phone, so I can fit in conversations for which I might otherwise not have time, but I love those moments when I don’t have anyone to call and I can just turn on my music and drive. I love waiting at the airport (okay, not for delayed planes, but just the normal wait). I actually really enjoy that time, sitting at the gate, surrounded by people, but alone. I read, I listen to music, I write in my journal (yes, my blog is not my only journaling source…suprisingly, there are things I don’t share), and I love to watch people and make up their stories in my head. I love airport time.

I think there are lots of us single females out there who often pine away for the days when we will join the ranks of the “married with children”. But I have realized recently (and this challenge helped to remind me of this) that, as much as I want those things someday, I will miss my single life. I will miss these days when I don’t have to find time for me. But I’m hoping, that because I appreciate them now, I won’t look back and think, “Why didn’t I take advantage of all of that alone time when I had it?”

Lelly, thanks again for a great challenge. And sorry that there’s not an actual “self-portrait” of my “stolen moments”, but I haven’t been at the airport this week and I don’t take pictures of myself while driving. I already drive too crazy for my own good. No need to add self-portraits to the mix.

5 thoughts on “spt – stolen moments

  1. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who loves alone time. And, Rebekah, you’re right…I probably do need a little more of it, but I tend to get quite a bit. I just sacrifice my sleep. 🙂 Sad, but true.

  2. Chloe, we are twinners. When I read the assignment I was stumped as well, hence the long post about my sock monkey. But then I started thinking about all the time I spend away from home working for the man dreaming about the end of the work day when I can finally come home. Yesterday I realized that I’m only awake and at home for 4 hours each day, and that my only true stolen moments are spent asleep.I love your post! I think you’re busier than you realize with work, running, the GRE, etc. You need some stolen moments babe!

  3. Great post. I’m one of those people too. Bart goes has scouts on Tuesday nights and I LOOOOOVE that time to do whatever I want and just be alone. I like coming home during my lunch break too, just because the house is so quite and clean and peaceful. I’ve always been like that; too much time with other people makes me a bit crazy.

  4. when i first got married i remember telling my husband, now you know i am going to have to be alone sometimes. i still laugh at that.i totally love to be alone, i would rather go to the movies alone then with a group of people.i would rather hang out at home by myself or with Jeff then go out with girlfriends or be at a party. that is pretty shocking to most people, because they think i love to be social – which is kind of funny because i don’t, i just talk loud so people think i do… ok enough about me this is your SPT.good thoughts!

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