the new do

So here’s a little self-portrait (I did the best I could…which means I put the camera on top of the t.v. in the guest room at my sister’s house). I didn’t go pixie, but I definitely cut a good couple of inches off. And, considering I had this done at 6 am and it was almost midnight when I took the picture, and I’d flown two hours, I think it still looks pretty good. I love my stylist! Seriously!

8 thoughts on “the new do

  1. Oh my heck, that’s absolutely adorable. I love it.(and I really do. I never say oh my heck, I think it’s such a stupid saying- but nothing else was expressive enough)

  2. chloe i LOVE it!! you look super hot!I got a tragic hair cut two weeks ago that I have to get fixed when i’m in utah next week. I can’t even look in a mirror right now it makes me so sad.

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