a girl and her mom

I wasn’t going to write about the series finale of Gilmore Girls because I feel like a bit of a fraud. I didn’t follow the Gilmores from the start. I only started watching last summer (I love t.v. on DVD), although I have watched every episode, except for a select few from this season. I guess what I’m saying is that I have not been through seven years of Gilmore. I have only been through one.

But as I was reflecting on it last night and this morning, wondering just why I got so emotional last night (although, I cry at Hallmark cards, so it shouldn’t surprise me), I realized that, not only is it Lorelai and Rory’s relationship that rips at my heartstrings, but that the first six seasons of Gilmore (watched over the course of about two months) are what got me through one of the hardest, possibly the hardest, time in my life. Watching those endless, commercial free hours gave me something to look forward to each day during a time when life seemed very, very bleak.

I think that’s a large part of what I was feeling last night. It has now been almost a year since I called off my wedding. I have moved on. I have had closure. I don’t dread getting out of bed each day. I’ve gone on dates. I have a great life. But my relationship with the Gilmores is what got me out of bed sometimes and helped to get all the tears out that I needed to cry. So, yesterday, while watching the show, it was like enjoying those last few moments with a dear friend, one who understands you perfectly, and then having to say goodbye…forever. And watching Lorelai and Rory part made me really miss my mom. And now I’m going to end this post before I start to cry…again. Yes, I am truly pathetic sometimes.

A little love from the Gilmores:
Lorelai: Ah, things happen for a reason.
Rory: Since when is that your philosophy?
Lorelai: Since now. By the way, I’m also a communist.
Rory: Really?
Lorelai: Yes, ’cause I look damn good in red.

P.S. Erika, I hope you appreciate that I’ve enjoyed every t.v. show you’ve ever recommended…except maybe Lois and Clark.

5 thoughts on “a girl and her mom

  1. I really hope that you’re not willing to buy me the DVD’s in the hopes of getting rid of Gus. I don’t really want Gus back. Last year was plenty! But I think I would like Heroes…I just such a hard time trying to schedule my life around t.v. And I agree that the B-plots are good, but it’s so hard to see that past the A-plot. And they are only still going in your living room (a fabulously decorated living room, I might add).

  2. The A-plots are cheesy, but seriously? EVERYthing you could ever need to know about relationships is contained within the 88 episodes of Lois & Clark. Honesty? Unrequited love? Breaking off engagements with losers? It’s all there. You cannot go wrong with that show. Ten years later, and I still say it’s one of the best shows going.Current shows: Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls are both excellent. But Heroes blows them both away. I love that show. I’ll buy you (Chloe) the DVDs when they come out. Gotta get you hooked.

  3. I thought everyone liked Lois and Clark. Maybe I just haven’t seen it since it was on originally and I just remember it as better than it was.

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