girls’ night

Just some fun pics from a night of bowling (it was in April). I’m so glad that I started blogging because, as I was discussing with a few of my coworkers yesterday, I do a much better job of documenting all of the fun things I am doing. I think I might actually do more fun things because of it, as well.

The pics are courtesy of Sarah. She takes such fun pictures…she just takes a while to email them to you (and, Sarah, you know I’m saying that with all of the love in the world).
On the whole ‘taking pictures’ thing…I think it’s funny that good pics can make what you were doing look that much more fun. Or maybe it’s because when people take fun pictures, I assume that they are fun people. Yep, I am just rambling random thoughts. Having one of those moments.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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