free at last…

I am officially done with Winter semester. My last presentation was today at 9:00 (well, yesterday, since it is now after midnight) and it went smashingly well. I was working on a field studies project through the Marriott School of Management on a project for a major hotel chain. Let me just say that this project was not easy, which is why being done feels so good. Well, I don’t know that we are totally done. The presentation went so well that we may be invited to travel to the company’s headquarters and present to the CEO. We’ll see. But even if we don’t get to do that, it was nice to know that the presentation went well enough for the thought to be thrown out there.

Our advisor’s exact words, via email:


Your team hit it out of the park!!!! Way to go.
I was really impressed with your polish and confidence.


Yep, it feels good! And I did well in my other classes, too. Hopefully, it will be just the boost my GPA needs to make me not embarrassed as I fill out grad school apps. Well, not embarrassed would be a stretch, but the grades should help, in any case.

So, now it’s time to get serious about running (I not only boosted my GPA, but my weight as well) and studying for the GMAT. I’m also excited to have time to take some photography classes, really give my voice lessons the attention they need and read some books just for fun (well, I did that during the semester, but I’ll be able to do it now without the guilt).

La vie est bonne!

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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