the birth of another blog…

I was reading my friend, Sarah’s, blog today and she had this great picture of a red velvet cupcake. She found the picture here. So, I went to the link. It is a “foodie” blog. Well, I consider myself a foodie. Not quite like these people (really, you should take a tour of all of the blogs that are listed on the one where she found the picture…they are incredible), but I love to cook and dream of someday going to culinary school.

Now, granted, I am an amature (both in baking and blogging) and I do not have the time to create a blog as beautiful as this (nor the photographer to make my food look like the picture to the left), but I do love food. So I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have a place online, that we could all access, where we know the family recipes live on? Part of my desire is also in a hope that we will never again lose a family recipe. (Sadly, my mother took her pizza sauce recipe to the grave and none of us have been the same since.)

So, I created a blog all about food. It’s a team blog, so that all of my sisters and sisters-in-law can post to it, as well. How fun is that? (No, I’m not sexist, but I know my brothers well enough to know that, even if they decided they wanted to post something, their wives would be the ones to actually do it.)

I have to admit that I am pretty excited about this. Someday, I will probably go to culinary school as it has always been a dream (after I finish my MBA and pay off the student loans from that and have enough money saved to sustain me through the process), but for now, this will be my own little motivation to improve my skills, even if I do currently have the smallest kitchen known to man and most of my fabulous kitchen tools are trapped in storage.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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