the dilemma of the Cadbury Mini Eggs…

Cadbury Mini Eggs have to be one of my most favorite candies. I love them. I think part of my obsession is the limited availability of said eggs. They only come out at Easter. My sister, Alicia, is the one who got me totally hooked. She’s worse than I am. She buys bags and bags, hoping to make them last throughout the year…but they never do. We have a similar problem with Mint M&M’s (thank you, Allison), but it’s not quite so bad.

So, this morning I decided to Google them (the mini eggs). I learned a few things. I didn’t know that Hershey made them, but they do. Hershey acquired the rights to manufacture and sell Cadbury chocolates in the U.S. in 1988. Did you know that Cadbury Creme Eggs were created in the 1920’s? I’m not sure when the littlest chocolate eggs of love came into existence, but it was a good year, whenever it was.

So, where is the dilemma in all of this? I’ve got a candy jar at my desk…and there’s one at the reception desk. I recently filled mine with mini eggs because if I put them in the other jar, they are gone in about 5 minutes. My reasoning worked. The little nuggets of goodness haven’t disappeared as quickly as they did last week. People don’t naturally look on my desk for candy (I added the jar when I took the position, whereas the other jar has always been there), and so it does last longer…the problem is I eat the majority of them. I don’t know what the solution is. I’ve considered just buying the mini packs and keeping them at home. That way there is a limited quantity and I seem to be better with those, except then I wouldn’t have them at work and that would be sad. I could have individual packages at work, but then I would feel greedy.

Really, I think I have found the only possible solution. I will have to sacrifice my waistline for the good of all. I am so kind. People are lucky to work with me.

2 thoughts on “the dilemma of the Cadbury Mini Eggs…

  1. And why is it that they are only available at certain stores–i share in your obsession with this amazing “egg”cellent treat!

  2. oh man, i can’t be alone with those things. there is a bag of the dark chocolate one next TO MY BED right now.that’s right. my bed.

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