delusional dilemmas…

No, I’m not delusional…well, not completely. I think we all have a little of the delusional within us. You believe things about yourself, on occasion, that simply aren’t true. The good and the bad. And sometimes, life decides to set you straight. Sometimes it’s a delightful surprise. And sometimes it knocks the wind right out of you. But either way, the healthiest choice is probably to accept what you have learned, without argument, and move forward. Accept that you are more than you thought you were when life gives you a glimpse of the great things you don’t see in yourself. Keep breathing and move forward when you realize that there is still work to do.

And while that might be the healthy option, I happen to like this one…it’s a personal favorite. You can choose to ignore the knowledge life gives you and enter a state of denial…for me, a state where I loose myself in books…or movies or shopping (an Andersen favorite) or exercise or chocolate, all the while staving off the inevitable reality that will eventually come crashing down around me (I love being dramatic :-). Sadly, I finished reading the books (not all of them, but the two I was lost in), there aren’t any movies I want to watch, I have no money for shopping (now, there’s a reality I didn’t want to accept), I don’t feel up to exercise and, surprisingly, chocolate just doesn’t sound that good…yep, it’s that bad.

I’ve never been a fan of having the wind knocked out of me. But…I’m still breathing and that’s a good sign. So, I guess it’s time to go start living my reality…Maybe I’ll clean my apartment. Maybe I’ll start rereading Twilight. Or maybe I’ll expand on Sarah’s Twilight/New Moon playlist. Yes, that’s sounds like a perfect distraction. So, I like being delusional on occasion. Is that so wrong?

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