dilemma of distraction…

I don’t know if I’ve explained this in here, but I am a very, very busy girl. I work full-time. I’m taking eight credits. I’m training (although not very diligently) for a half-marathon next weekend. I’m researching business schools for application in the fall. I’ve been helping with the invitations for my mission reunion (yes, it’s been a few years since my mission, but it’s kind of ten year anniversary thing for my mission president). And I have a relatively active social life. The last thing I need is a distraction. I’ve successfully avoided the distraction of men which has been easy enough considering the last year of my life. I like t.v., but other than VM, I’m not attached to it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve watched any this week, seeing as how VM was not on. Movies are enjoyable, but that’s two hours out of my life once or twice a month.

But this week, I made a big mistake. Sarah loves these two books by Stephenie Meyer: Twilight and New Moon. My intention was not to read either of them until after this semester was over. I’m taking an English class, for heaven’s sake. As if I don’t have enough reading to do. Anyway, during my lunch break on Tuesday, I decided that for one day this week, I wanted to spend my lunch break not doing homework or meeting with a group or volunteering at the MTC (oh, I forgot to mention that one), so I went upstairs to the bookstore on campus and picked up Twilight (the first of the two). I read my entire lunch break and I was hooked. And since I’m obsessed with the darn things (books, that is), I purchased it.

Now, just to paint a picture of what my week was like, I had a group presentation in my English class, along with a lot of reading to do, one pre-lecture assignment, a lecture, two lessons and three quizzes in Accounting, and two group meetings for my consulting class…and everything involved in preparing for those, along with sending out the invitations for my mission reunion and work. Not a slow week. So, what did I do? Well, I came home every night and did my homework and then began to read, most nights around 11 pm, and I read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I finished the almost 500 page book this morning at 3 am. The end intense enough to keep my wide awake, despite the overwhelming fatigue of such a busy week and not enough sleep.

All I can say is that included in my errands today will be a trip to the bookstore to pick up New Moon. That, and I am in love with a vampire named Edward. Oh, and one more thing, don’t pick up the book unless you are prepared to immerse yourself in it. The story takes hold of you, consumes you and doesn’t let go. (Well, maybe if you’re not a reader, that’s not true…but I don’t know what that’s like).

1 thought on “dilemma of distraction…

  1. I loved these books, twilight more than new moon though. Apparently the newest book will be coming out pretty soon. I can’t wait!!

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