the joys of blogging…

So, I’m super-chatty today (and yesterday). It’s not like I have anything really important to share…but I just keep thinking of things I want to post about why I love blogging:

1. I love that blogging makes me think about taking pictures. I spent 5 years in AZ and have very few pictures to show for it.

2. I think blogging actually helps me do more fun stuff because I want to have fun stuff to write about. Now, that might sound silly, but it’s true. I read my friends’ blogs and see all the things they’re doing and think, “I want to do that stuff”. I know, strange, but that’s how a lot of the things I’ve done in my life have happened…not because I wanted to blog about them, but I wanted an interesting life so that I would have interesting things to talk about…and, well, blogging makes it so that I can talk about whatever I want all the time and people can read about it or not. Oh, that should be number 4.

3. I love that I can blog about things and get them out there without feeling liking I’m boring someone or forcing someone to listen to another one of my stories.

4. I think those are all of my thoughts for now…oh, one more thing. I love that blogging makes me a real person. Yes, a little strange because of course I’m a real person, but as one who often wants to please people, or be what people want me to be, blogging shows who I really am. As I have no particular audience, I have no one I am aiming to please. Like sometimes I wish I were less materialistic, so I act less materialistic than I might otherwise…and I’m not pretending, just putting my best foot forward, which we all do at times, so don’t judge me. The truth is, I’m more materialistic than I would like to be. Is that something I want to change? Yes, but it is what it is right now. I like things and I like money to do things. Not in the way that I want to be better than anyone or have more than anyone (I am happy to share), but in the way that I enjoy the benefits of having things and doing things. Which brings me to 6.

5. For those of you who know me, when I do get to a point where I’m dating someone seriously, just make sure that he has my blog address (not before it’s serious because I may want to blog about him and that could be awkward) and that he reads it, even if it’s boring at times because A) that way he will know what he’s getting into (having said that, I think I’m doing a much better job lately at just being me and not worrying about pleasing people because I’ve seen first hand just how scary that can be) and B) if I’m dating someone seriously, he should want to read all about me.

6. Last thought…sometimes I really do talk to much. Thank goodness for blogging.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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