Tonight, I decided to go see Travis in concert. I knew they were coming and I really wanted to go, but I wasn’t sure that I’d have anyone to go with, so I put it out of my mind.

Then, today, I was telling a friend of mine that they were coming in concert. He asked when. I checked online. In fact, they were playing at The Depot tonight. He would have liked to have seen them, but he had some family dinner…and then decided American Idol was more important. Eleven years…that’s how long it’s been since Travis was last in SLC…and my friend opted for American Idol (or so goes the story).

In any case, I tried getting in touch with a few other friends. No one could go. (Seriously, people and their messed up priorities.) I was almost going to say, “Screw it.” But then I thought about poor Sarah, who has been dying to see them in concert, only they never came to SLC while she was living here, and in NYC, the concert sold out pretty quickly. I decided that, not only did I really want to see them, but I had to seize the opportunity so that I could “share” the experience with Sarah to the best of my ability. (Lots of photos from my phone and a song on her voicemail.)

Seriously, the concert was amazing. And I love that I have somehow manage to procure enough self-confidence to go to a concert by myself. I would hate to miss out on something I really wanted to be a part of just because I didn’t have someone to go with me. That would be tragic.

Check out Dougie’s super hot wry little smirk. Love. It.

The concert was FANTASTIC!!! They played all of my favorites: Closer (if you watch this video on YouTube, the checker is Dougie Payne, the bassist, who is so ridiculously hot in person I could hardly stand it…and it’s not so much how he looks as how he acts: HOT!), Driftwood,

Why Does It Always Rain On Me,

and the new Something Anything. And…in honor of the Britney Spears concert taking place across the street (or so I thought until I discovered, through YouTube, that they have done this song a lot, they played Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Seriously rad.

I cannot even begin to describe how incredible it was. I love live music. And Travis is so good. And Fran Healy (short for Francis…he’s the lead singer) even came down in the crowd. (Is it embarrassing that I totally reached out just to touch his sweaty back? Probably.)

Just before I reached out to touch him…
Yes…uber hot!

dear you…inspired by my love of nordstrom and shoes

Dear Feet (more specifically, Little Toe),

I’m sorry that I have been cramming you into shoes that were too narrow for you for so many years. I know that you have been as understanding as possible and that you are as supportive as you can be of my “form over fashion” mentality, but considering my recent discovery, I feel terrible about all the pain I’ve cause you. I just didn’t realize that you were wide enough to merit purchasing wide shoes.

Thank goodness that salesperson at Nordstrom accidentally brought out a wide pair of shoes.

My life (and yours) will never be the same.

With my deepest apologies,


Dear Nordstrom (especially the shoe department in P-town),

When I realized, after wearing my fabulous new Franco Sarto, pink, peep-toe heels, that those same heels were actually too big for me, I was devastated.

I had worn them. Outside. All day. In New York.

And worse, the realization came the day after I had put the box in the garbage.

On top of which, I had purchased two more pairs of Franco Sartos at the same time as the pink, peep-toes, and I had thrown those boxes away as well. (Yes, I do throw boxes away before I wear the shoes…I never have buyer’s remorse with shoes.)

I was thinking about my shoes all day at school and rushed home to see if the boxes were perhaps still in the garbage. Two of them were (and they were only covered by shredded mail); the one for the peep-toes and the one for the fabulous sandles. However, I was missing one.

I debated what to do. Knowing you, I figured you would exchange all three pairs for me, but with the economic situation, I kind of wondered. And really, it wasn’t your fault that I wore my shoes outside before realizing they were too big. However, I also knew that, if I didn’t exchange them, I might not wear them anymore. I packed all three pairs up (with boxes and without) and headed to the University Mall to make my exchanges.

I went to the counter to talk to the salesperson…prefacing my comments with, “I’m going to be kind of a pain in the butt,” to which he responded, “I’m sure that’s not true. What can I do for you?”

At that moment, I knew all would be well. I explained my situation and the current status of my shoes (one pair without a box, one that had been worn, and one that shouldn’t be a problem). He then graciously found all three pairs for me (one required him to ship it to me), and I made the exchange without a hiccup. Fabulous!!!

And then I found one more pair of shoes to purchase!

With all my love,

A girl who really doesn’t have the budget to be purchasing a pair of shoes (or four) from you, but loves your customer service so much (the selection doesn’t hurt, either) that she just doesn’t love purchasing shoes anywhere else

Dear Closet,

I’m sorry that I take up all of your floor space (and some of your shelf space) with my shoes…and that they only stay organized for a days at a time. It’s really not my fault. It’s a disease I’ve had for years. (I think I caught it from my mom, who also gave it to my sister.)

While I can’t promise to overcome the disease, I will make a little effort to improve the side-effects of it. I promise to get rid of at least three pairs by the end of this week. (Can I count the ones I already have in the DI pile?)



P.S. I’m going to miss you a lot when I’m in New York, attempting to cram my summer wardrobe into a closet not even 1/10 the size of you. Yes. It’s true. Less than 1/10.

Dear Ruby & Bloom,

Thank you for making fabulous flats in Navy blue. And thank you for offering them in a wide size.

They are perfect for a few of my summer professional outfits and will make walking around NY so much easier! Yay for cute flats in great colors.


The girl who is having a really hard time accepting the fact that even if she takes some of her fabulous heels to NY, it is unlikely that she will actually wear them…unless she has some kind of death wish…for her feet

Dear Chloe,

You really do need help for your shoe obsession. I know you love having the perfect shoes for every outfit, but at some point enough is enough. And I realize that you think you are making progress because you actually get rid of a couple of pairs of shoes every so often, but that’s not real progress. That’s just you easing your mind about how deep this problem really is.

I’m not saying you can’t buy any new shoes or that you need to buy cheaper ones or that you can’t continue to shop at Nordstrom…you just need to not buy new shoes so very often. And seriously, three pairs at a time is a bit much. Oh…and would you please not refer to your obsessive need to purchase shoes as a disease. It is not a disease. You can fix it.

You don’t have to do anything tonight (except that I wouldn’t recommend shopping online). Just think about it.

With all my love and concern,

The voice of reason that sometimes manages to scream over the voices of instant gratification and shoe envy

why i love

There are a number of reasons. I love books, so I order them from Amazon all the time. Seriously, probably every other week. I have a preferred (or something like that) membership so I don’t have to pay shipping and I get my stuff a little faster. I can find just about any book I want on there. Not only that, but did you know they have a fabulous shoe site:

But most of all, I love whatever the feature is that allowed me to request that I be notified as soon as this lens became available. I know some of you who just recently started reading probably don’t realize that I love to take pictures, but I do. However, because I purchased the Nikon D-40 my camera does not have the capability to auto-focus unless the lens has a motor built in (lamest thing ever…and had I known that, I probably would have purchased a Canon, but too late now). My favorite lens (and only one other than the kit lens, which is not my favorite) is my 50 mm f/1.8, however…no auto-focusing capabilities.

So this new lens will mean lots more pictures!!! Yay for me! And it should arrive before I leave for Moab on Friday…which is another post entirely.

a rare posting…christmas cards

My amazingly talented sister-in-law, Cherity, is offering her services this year designing Christmas/Holiday cards…kind of like the kind you could order at Wal-Mart (that everyone else will be ordering from Wal-Mart) only way cuter. She charges $10 for the designs and will send you the finished product as a JPEG…which means you can order them for something like $.09 per print! Incredible! (Or she will print them and send them to you…it just costs a bit more)

Here are a few examples:

If you are interested, you can email me at and I can forward your info to her. (She also does darling baby announcements!)