Tonight, I decided to go see Travis in concert. I knew they were coming and I really wanted to go, but I wasn’t sure that I’d have anyone to go with, so I put it out of my mind.

Then, today, I was telling a friend of mine that they were coming in concert. He asked when. I checked online. In fact, they were playing at The Depot tonight. He would have liked to have seen them, but he had some family dinner…and then decided American Idol was more important. Eleven years…that’s how long it’s been since Travis was last in SLC…and my friend opted for American Idol (or so goes the story).

In any case, I tried getting in touch with a few other friends. No one could go. (Seriously, people and their messed up priorities.) I was almost going to say, “Screw it.” But then I thought about poor Sarah, who has been dying to see them in concert, only they never came to SLC while she was living here, and in NYC, the concert sold out pretty quickly. I decided that, not only did I really want to see them, but I had to seize the opportunity so that I could “share” the experience with Sarah to the best of my ability. (Lots of photos from my phone and a song on her voicemail.)

Seriously, the concert was amazing. And I love that I have somehow manage to procure enough self-confidence to go to a concert by myself. I would hate to miss out on something I really wanted to be a part of just because I didn’t have someone to go with me. That would be tragic.

Check out Dougie’s super hot wry little smirk. Love. It.

The concert was FANTASTIC!!! They played all of my favorites: Closer (if you watch this video on YouTube, the checker is Dougie Payne, the bassist, who is so ridiculously hot in person I could hardly stand it…and it’s not so much how he looks as how he acts: HOT!), Driftwood,

Why Does It Always Rain On Me,

and the new Something Anything. And…in honor of the Britney Spears concert taking place across the street (or so I thought until I discovered, through YouTube, that they have done this song a lot, they played Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Seriously rad.

I cannot even begin to describe how incredible it was. I love live music. And Travis is so good. And Fran Healy (short for Francis…he’s the lead singer) even came down in the crowd. (Is it embarrassing that I totally reached out just to touch his sweaty back? Probably.)

Just before I reached out to touch him…
Yes…uber hot!

4 thoughts on “travis

  1. Wow- I don’t know if I could go to a concert alone. Dinner, sure. A movie, all the time. But a concert…you rock!

  2. ah man! i totally would have gone with you! sounds like an amazing show. you are my hero for going to a concert by your onesie.i’m cool to go to a movie on my own but a concert? i don’t know if i have that much confidence yet. but for the right musician i suppose i would.

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