tioman island


One of the coolest things about my company is that we really do have offices all over the world, so when my friends, April and John, moved to Singapore, I knew I had to visit them and that it would be possible because I could work from the office there.

In planning the trip, though, I knew I wanted to spend at least a couple of days scuba diving…I searched for locations, but all of them required an additional flight which, with 24-hours of ground time post diving (so you don’t die…or get decompression sickness), was going to make my dream of a weekend dive trip a bit of a challenge. But, before I lost all hope, I decided to message my Malaysian diving friend on FB (you make some good friends when you’re out on a live aboard for a couple of days in the Similan Islands) and see if she could give me some tips.

As it turned out, she had an awesome suggestion…and thus a trip was planned and executed that did not require any additional flying. Turns out you can take a bus, and then a ferry, out to Tioman Island. The logistics were a bit of a challenge (trying to book bus and ferry tickets from Japan was not so easy…), but I managed to get it all worked out and off I went.

IMG_1506 IMG_1505 IMG_1504IMGP0205Anyway, the trek to the island was a bit long, but well worth it. The island was basically all about divers, so it was super chill and low key. And I got to eat some amazing seafood, too, including stingray which I’d never had before.IMG_1508

I got in four amazing dives and was even able to bust out my underwater camera for a couple of them. And while I saw a lot of really cool things on these dives, I have to admit…I’m kind of obsessed with anemones and anemonefish. They’re not that exciting, I guess, but I could watch them for hours. I just think the anemones are so beautiful.

anemone 2 anemone
IMGP0179 And no underwater photo session would be complete without a selfie, right?


“Let me take a selfie.”

And I have to give April and John a huge shout out for welcoming me at 2am and making sure I got out the door to the bus just three hours later. They are THE BEST.)

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