a karaoke christmas

A while back (sometime in November) a few of us who were going to be in Tokyo for Christmas were discussing plans and one of my friends suggested that we get a group together for a little karaoke. I was all for it. Then, it turned out, the end of year party (aka Bōnenkai) at my work also included a karaoke portion. And thus Christmas of 2012 will forever live in my memory as my Karaoke Christmas. And here’s the evidence:

This may or may not be my new boss.

Just a little Jingle Bell Rock.

And proof that I am a team player! Oh, how I do love singing a little Wilson Phillips. 

And then on Christmas itself. I need to get some other photos from friends, but here’s one of T and me singing…I can’t remember what. But it was good.

This is more what karaoke typically looks like here in Tokyo…nice and poorly lit. 🙂

While perhaps not your most traditional Christmas (there was a lovely Christmas buffet dinner at a U.S. military something or other and it did include lots of American favorites including my beloved DC, as well), it was seriously so fun. I loved having my cousin here and being able to spend it with her and my favorite people in Tokyo.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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