room with a view

My office is in a relatively new building in downtown Tokyo just outside the Imperial Palace. Kind of awesome, right? It’s called the Shin Marunouchi Building and that’s how people know it. There aren’t street addresses here (there are no street names), so buildings are a big deal. Anyway, this building is amazing. In fact, when we arrived on the subway, we never even had to go outside to get to it. That’s a really interesting thing about Tokyo. There aren’t just tunnels under the city. There’s an entire city under the city. In fact, there’s so much under my building that I haven’t had to go outside during the day even once…which is awesome considering the heat and humidity.

One of the other great things about my office is the view. I’m on a trading desk (not because I’m trading…it’s just how the offices are set up, so I don’t sit right up against the window, but I have an amazing view to my right.

And here was the view at my desk when I first arrived:

The other side is in English, but how awesome is that?! (I removed my last name and company info…don’t know if one of you is a stalker. And I don’t want to get fired.)

Okay, my eyes are drooping…can’t keep them open. Must sleep, but stay tuned!

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