a weekend in nyc in photos

Don’t worry. These photos all have people in them. This is not one of those posts (I have plenty). I just thought it’s been way too long since I’ve posted any photos of myself…and my family is so adorable (even the old peeps). I figured since my sis-in-law had posted all of these on FB, I could post them here. Hope that’s true…
Waiting in the taxi line after connecting in the JetBlue terminal at JFK. And yes, I basically flew in my PJs. And yes, this is me after a red eye and without any makeup on. Hot, right?
Day one in Times Square. After naps…but still tired.
A little harbor cruise. My brother was enjoying it, I swear. 

Empire State Building. For those wondering, I prefer Top of the Rock for its park views, but you do kind of have to do this one.
Our night tour. Isn’t my nephew the cutest?!
Shelley might be holding that balloon because she won “best tourist” of our night tour. That’s our tour guide on the left. She was so fun!
Central Park on Sunday. My brother was kind of over the walking at this point.

Monday morning on Liberty Island. You can see the new World Trade Center in the background. I can only imagine what that view was like when the Twin Towers were still standing.

The end. See, that wasn’t so painful!

1 thought on “a weekend in nyc in photos

  1. Your brother kind of has a Daniel Craig thing going on.Totally with you on Top of the Rock vs Empire State. And photos are so much better w/ the ESB in the background. There seriously is no reason to do the ESB other than to check the box.

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