and without further ado

Oh, wait. There is further ado.

He canceled. By email. Three hours before we were supposed to meet.

No explanation. Just wanted to know if we could reschedule for next week.

I haven’t responded yet. Please feel free to opine on what you think I should do/say.

7 thoughts on “and without further ado

  1. boo. reschedule then cancel on him or don't show up (not that I'd ever have the nerve, but it sounds good, right?) keep us all posted! 🙂

  2. Seriously? I haven't swum in the dating pool for 20 years, so take my advice with a grain (or entire shaker) of salt, but:Run.He shut you out once before. Then came back a YEAR later with no explanation, no apology, just expecting to pick things up. Now he's canceling, last minute, without explanation. Clearly he doesn't respect you, and you deserve someone who does.That's my old fuddy duddy opinion. Respect yourself enough to leave him twisting in the wind this time. (And if he chooses to chase you and make up for his past negligence, then all the better. Make him work for it). =)

  3. Ugh, LAME. My thoughts are, act indifferent. He wins if he knows you really care so treat it as if it was one of your male friends you have zero interest in, or one of your girlfriends who flaked. Indifference and not really affected.However, if it really is hurting you, I don't know that I make that same suggestion. If it's going to bother you and there's a lot of potential on the line to get hurt more, then he lost his chance and either let him know when you're free (small window) or don't respond at all.

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