waxing (from a former esthetician)

We all know that I share A LOT here on the blog. Well, this post might take us to new levels of intimacy…although this is a family blog (as in my family reads it sometimes) so I’m going to speak as a professional.

Once upon a time I was an esthetician full time. Knowing this, people have often asked me about waxing and I get it. I mean, if you’ve never been waxed before (I’m talking bikini wax) it’s got to be a little intimidating to think about having someone all up in your business and then not knowing how to ask for what you want. There are all of these terms (Brazilian, French, American…you can look them all up online, but unless you want to see exactly what each term means, I wouldn’t recommend it).

So, here’s a quick reference guide:

  • Bikini (aka American) – basically, this is what will keep you happy in a bathing suit and nothing more
  • Brazilian – this is the whole shebang (nothing left…and I mean nothing from front to back)
  • French – this is a happy medium
And now what you really need to know. If you want a good bikini wax, you just have to get comfortable being uncovered and in random (i.e. awkward positions – think annual visit and then some). And if you want it to be less painful (and much faster) go in trimmed. Invest in some bikini trimmers ($10-$20; try Target, Walmart, BB&B) and clean things up before hand. Your esthetician can deal with it if you don’t but it will be much less painful for you if you do. 
Here’s what you should know from the esthetician side of the table. None of them care about what you look like, how skinny/fat you are, etc, as long as you are clean and willing to do what they need you to do to help them get the job done (i.e. cooperate with the weird positions you have to get in. 
And the benefits of waxing over shaving? It all depends on who you are and how your skin reacts. But here are my top reasons for getting wax:
  • No razor burn and way few ingrown hairs
  • Long lasting results (three weeks!)
  • As someone who runs/exercises, there is no comparison
  • You just can’t get everywhere with a razor you can with wax
  • It is way less painful (in my opinion) than the razor burn that is sure to follow shaving for me
So, to those of you who have never been waxed, I highly recommend it and this is the perfect time of year to do it.
This may not be as much information as you really wanted (there are a lot of things I’m not saying here as this is a family program), so should you have any random/personal questions, feel free to email me directly: chell0elizabeth@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “waxing (from a former esthetician)

  1. Loving this post. Feel like I just had this convo with a friend. TMI continued from my perspective… I prefer the French but have a hard time finding an esthetician who knows what that even is. Recommendations on locations??

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