why i don’t blog sometimes

Besides just being busy, sometimes life is not my favorite thing. And when my life feels a little rough, I just don’t like documenting it. Not because I care if people know I get depressed sometimes, but because I feel a little guilty. My life is so good and I have been blessed with so many great opportunities, so when I become focused on what my life lacks, I feel like a total brat and completely pathetic.

Without giving you the play by play of my most recent pity party, I’ll just say that it was a little rough. It’s pretty rare that I cry in front of people about my own life (movies, greeting cards, t.v. shows, fine, but real feelings, not so much) and I have cried multiple times over the past week.

Anyway, here’s hoping I will feel better shortly, and I think I might! More to come on that…

3 thoughts on “why i don’t blog sometimes

  1. Boo to the sucky times. I can totally relate though. I would say when I'm alone I cry pretty easily, over tv shows, commercials, whatever. But I get a little more embarrassed about it in front of other people. But crying about my own life to others? It's rare. I hate it.Hope things start looking up for you.

  2. I've been stuck in a bit of a pity party as of late too. And I feel guilty about it too. Not to be too creepy, but I like reading about your New York adventures…a bit of vicarious living, I suppose…so write when you can. This lurker appreciates it.

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